I'm a Bit of a Minimalist—These Are the 10 Chic Brands I'm Into

The fashion industry has granted us some of the boldest names and suavest pieces over the last few years: Totême’s fringed scarf coat, The Frankie Shop Ripstop jacket and Khaite’s Scarlet cardigan are just a pinch of the crème de la crème offerings by fashion-forward brands. Contemporary brands from The Row to The Frankie Shop have spearheaded the design industry and their styles continue to forge longevity seasons on—whether that’s cold-weather favourites or svelte shaping for summer days.

Fashion can be daunting, with many trends bouncing around the ether, but when it comes to sartorial flair and the essence of personal style, refined dressing surpasses every trend. Minimalist brands are beloved by editors and fashion types worldwide, and whilst our dialects vary, some names are universally appreciated. People are so enamoured with the pared-back aesthetic, that it has now become a reinforced style of dressing inherited by both minimalists and maximalists, albeit in different ways.


The value of functionality in fashion has never been more prevalent as we’re in a diligent era, where people value easy-to-wear uniforms without needing to sacrifice comfort or style. Contemporary brands continue to amass cult followings and customers are optimistic about making these fashion investments. They've also influenced the customer approach to acquirement, with many people now choosing to invest in quality garments over quantity.

Devoid of saturated hues and instead offering neutral palettes ranging from creamy ecru to dusty cocoas and sepia tones—there are styles and colourways made to slot seamlessly into existing wardrobes. With an amalgamation of billowy dresses comprising silk and crisp organic fibres, there are pieces to appease every texture profile and taste. Keep on reading for the 10 minimalist brands to know in 2024 —including some that may be new on your radar.

1. House of Dagmar

Founded by three siblings and built on the legacy of their great-grandmother, Dagmar, House of Dagmar launched in 2005, bringing with it a fresh take on functionality. The Scandinavian brand aims to bring us expert craftsmanship, with a streamlined curation of high-quality pieces to span decades of wear, irrespective of trends.

2. By Malene Birger

Although By Malene Birger was founded in 2003, the brand disrupted the fashion world in the latter of 2022 — introducing us to some famed garments and fuss-free textiles indicative of its bohemian essence. The fringed scarf and bouclé dress are some of the notorious styles saturating our favourite creators' Instagram feeds. The garments meet somewhere between modernist shaping and bohemian (boasting a slight lilt). From languid frocks to substantial knits, it's the destination for classics with a spin.

3. Tove

Camille Perry and Holly Wright's brand came to our attention in 2019. With a pedantic approach to clothing and an emphasis on pieces that celebrate the human form, it's become a firm favourite for 'dressing up' among fashion lovers. Amongst their varied arsenal, you'll find free-flowing fabrications and remixes of classic styles.

4. Ninety Percent

When it comes to championing sustainability few brands do it like Ninety Percent. Their limited arsenal comprises wardrobe basics with a twist. In addition to the considered fabrications and sleek designs, they're intentional about their environmental impact — reinvesting 90% of profit into community causes. If you're looking to invest in forever pieces at sensible price points, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Beare Park

Hailed a name to know by Net-A-Porter, and with a newly launched Liberty concession, Beare Park has made an instant impression on fashion types. For lovers of monochromatic looks and feminine shapes, Beare Park offers fluid, longline silhouettes, and tailored styles aplenty.

6. Caes

Caes is an intentional brand with a moniker that relates purely to slow fashion. With an emphasis on transeasonal clothing, the styles consist of neutral pallets and refined shapes. Each piece is designed to fit seamlessly into a working wardrobe, and they emphasize the importance of durable fibres.

7. Totême

Founded in 2014 by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, Totême is a brand that fundamentally champions wardrobe staples. They’ve produced some of the most iconic minimalist pieces to date. Their collection features opulent fabrications and pieces that are crafted to withstand time and transcend seasonal trends. Most popular are their outerwear and knitwear pieces. Their inspired take on modern styling has inspired many brands. I'm sure most of us will agree that Kling and Lindman succeed in their mission to corner the minimalist market.

8. Black to Grey

I have a penchant for indie labels, so I was delighted to stumble across Black to Grey. The brand concept zeros in on a conceptual approach that aims to marry the earth’s organic properties with clothing of a similar ilk. Many of the pieces are also fashioned from recycled fabrics - emphasising the importance of circularity in the fashion industry.

9. Lou Lou Studios

Inspired by French architecture, Chloé Harrouche set about encapsulating a theme of integrity and focus on the female form - with Paris as her muse. The Lou Lou Studios atelier is situated in the most aesthetic corner of Paris. Its repertoire highlights relaxed silhouettes with an off-duty feel. The compositions are worth a notable mention, too.

10. Leset 

Leset is inspired by the notion of a 'set' uniform. It’s where at-home attire meets minimalism without needing to forgo a chic aesthetic. Lili Chemla's styles centre on an easy-to-wear sentiment and hones in on uniform pieces that comprise luxe fabrications. Think the ultimate LBD and leggings to take you from day to date night.

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