These Are the Best-Reviewed Backless Bras on the Internet Right Now

Backless bras are quite a controversial subject. For starters, do they really do anything? And wouldn't it just be easier to go braless? It's a yes to both for us, which proves exactly why this is such a tricky lingerie item to pin down and feel content with. So if you're in need of a bit of support and don't want to feel exposed (not to mention if you have a fuller bust), there are definitely outfits that require such an item. Whether that's a plunging top, dress or jumpsuit, a backless bra can come in handy and really make your whole look.


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Backless bras will help you unlock a multitude of outfit options.

But like strapless bras, they're a much-maligned item in the world of fashion. We're quick to condemn the lingerie piece without even trying to find ones that work. To remedy this, we hunted down the backless bras that have the best reviews on the internet. Not only did we find a bra that costs less than a tenner, but we also uncovered useful tips and tricks to sourcing this difficult item. Keep scrolling for more.

1. The Custom Fit

2. The Inexpensive Option

3. The High-Street Find

4. The Barely There Patches

5. The Stay-All-Day Bra

6. The One for Fuller Busts


This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

Elinor Block