Attainable Luxury: 15 Designer Bags That Are More Affordable Than You'd Think


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Think back to the last time you were scrolling through MATCHES or walking around Selfridges and suddenly spotted it—the item that made a wave of electricity run through your body. Chances are you've experienced the emotion of falling in love with an item (maybe a pair of boots, or a coat that just spoke to you). But, if we're being honest, that moment can quickly switch from exhilarating to disheartening when you turn over the price tag. As much as we love the idea of buying a designer bag, it's not always something that aligns with our budgets. The It styles of the big-name brands can reach heights of two, even three thousand pounds (and the rest), which for many will be outside of the realms of possibility. But whilst we could easily write these off as unattainable, maybe you're looking to invest in a high-quality forever piece, or simply want a little slice of your favourite brand.

With this in mind, we've hunted down the entry-price bags from those coveted designer labels that are usually out of reach for most of us. Now, it's important to note that when we talk about affordable in this context, this is relative to the average price points of the brand and within a luxury price range. What each of us deems as affordable could differ greatly from someone else's interpretation, and we realise this here. In the below roundup, we've considered longevity, craftspersonship, versatility, wearability and, most importantly, price (they're all £1000 or under), so that you can find a bag that gives you goosebumps in a good way. Scroll on to see what we found. 


1. Gucci Bags Under £1000

2. Saint Laurent Bags Under £1000

3. Bottega Veneta Bags Under £1000

4. Prada Bags Under £1000

5. Fendi Bags Under £1000

6. Loewe Bags Under £1000

7. Miu Miu Bags Under £1000

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