Okay, World, We Get It—This Sneaker Trend Is the Prettiest



Welcome to our new shopping column, Add to Cart, where each week, I'll be showcasing my favorite must-have products found within our new app, SHOP/Who What Wear

If you still haven't downloaded the SHOP/Who What Wear app, now's your chance. In addition to the overall exceptional assortment of new products, the app also gives you tastefully curated collections according to trend, street style looks, and celebrity outfits. Today, we're focusing on pink sneakers because, let's be real, they are everywhere right now. 

For those of you who are new here, pink sneakers have been all the rage for quite a few months, but it's definitely not too late to buy into the trend if you haven't already. Deemed the "pretty" sneaker trend, this particular style doesn't appear to be fading anytime soon, as celebrities, models, and fashion girls alike have been wearing the hue nonstop. Curious where to shop the best pink sneakers on the market? The SHOP/Who What Wear app has got you covered. Ahead, I have rounded up my favorite pretty pink sneakers currently available (and sitting in my shopping cart) on the app. Don't worry—I won't be buying all of them, so if you have any particular favorites, let me know in the comments at the end of the story. 

Go on to shop pink sneakers currently sitting in my SHOP/Who What Wear shopping cart, and be sure to download the app for inspiring fashion right at your fingertips.