Everyone Already Owns These Sneakers, but Will They Buy This New Version?


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We're certainly not going to encourage everyone to toss their classic white Stan Smith sneakers anytime soon, but Adidas is making a strong case for adding a new, very different version of Stan Smiths to your sneaker collection.

Footwear News just reported that Adidas will soon release an all-new sock-style version of the popular Stan Smiths, and the first color in the slip-on Sock Primeknit collection is none other than Millennial Pink. (They'll also soon release the sock version of the original green-and-white style.) Footwear News says that they're "expected to arrive in the States soon," so if you're in the mood for a major departure from the Stan Smiths that everyone has (these almost look like sock sneaker boots), you might want to start checking Adidas's U.S. site on a daily basis.

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