Are Pointed-Toe Sneakers Now a Thing?

Jonathan Anderson showcased his new collection in what the designer referred to as a “curated white space.” The collection is innovative and the craftsmanship noteworthy, containing a number of different boots ranging from flat lace-ups to pointed-toe styles. In addition to boots, there were the infamous pointy-toe sneakers, which curled at the toe.

Furthermore, the designer layered patterns on top of patterns to produce rare, never-before-seen looks. The unique use of these, ruffles, and hemlines cemented the collection as groundbreaking. Textured woven jackets, patchwork, and shredded fabric revealed the workmanship that went into creating the clothing, and the elaborate designs reinforced the significance of quality over quantity. Still yet, the simple yet unique pieces reminded viewers that high fashion is an art, and overall, the collection can be summed up as luxurious.

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