This Is the 2017 Way to Wear Sweatpants

Photo: Zara

There's no denying the fact that sweatpants will always have a place in a fashion girl's wardrobe. Though once frowned upon, the loungewear staple has done something of a 180, becoming a high-fashion fixture thanks to labels like Vetements and sweatpants-endorsing It girls like Gigi Hadid. While the last year or so has seen a diverse array of iterations, from wide-leg to tapered to cropped like capris, one particular silhouette seems to be the standard moving forward.

If market selection is any indication, designs that are tapered with a cuff at the ankle will be the dominating sweatpant looks of 2017. Last year saw Chloé's and Givenchy's thick jersey wide-legs, more reminiscent of track pants given trouser sensibilities. Sweatpants lover Hadid sported a variety of stylings of all pant-leg widths and hem lengths, but her most recent pieces have all stayed true to this tapered, cuffed rule. Not only do these features make the sweatpants more slimming, but this silhouette is also easier to dress up or down and pairs better with a wider variety of shoe styles—especially in the category of heels.

See below to shop the silhouette that's primed to become the new way to wear sweatpants in 2017.

Opening Image: Zara