The Best Yoga Pants of 2017


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If there’s one thing I’ll fess up to, it’s that I pretty much live in yoga pants on the weekend. What  usually starts out as an outfit for a hike or a workout class quickly turns into what I’m wearing to the farmers market and a day of errands. So I’ve learned to wear outfits that can not only work for a trip to the gym but also look cool enough to get me through the day. And for inspiration, I always turn to my favorite celebs to see what they’re wearing.

It seems that they’ve all narrowed in on the universally flattering silhouette of a high-waisted legging. Paired with a cropped bra and topped with a bomber jacket, it’s a foolproof outfit combo that can pass for a cool weekend look. But what are the most popular styles worth trying out? We’re breaking them down ahead. Go on to shop the best yoga pants of 2017 that have a celebrity stamp of approval.