Emma Chamberlain Just Resurrected the Pants We Used to Wear Instead of Leggings

When my TikTok feed was flooded with fashion users sporting yoga pants, I felt an instant flashback to when they held a reigning spot in my wardrobe back in junior high. Just like how we let go of flared jeans, I did the same with my flared yoga pants and began to opt for leggings as my new go-to. But as I now begin to lean towards my more relaxed pair of jeans, going back to the Y2K alternative to leggings makes total sense for a comfier (and now forward-feeling) option. I wasn’t surprised when I found that it was none other than Emma Chamberlain, queen of all things Generation Z, who decided to bring the trend back in full force for fall 2020. Chamberlain is known for her relaxed cool-girl style, so when the internet star took to Twitter to express her longing for the comfy pants, users replied that she could wear anything and make it a trend, and she did exactly that. 

She took to Instagram a few days later to share her new cozy fit, in which she paired the flared pants with a Nike crewneck sweatshirt, white turtleneck, and minimal accessories. Chamberlain's layered styling made the pants look anything but basic. Not only did the pants become viral, but the whole outfit was a combo girls everywhere couldn’t resist recreating. To be quite honest, I’m not complaining—anything trending that can pass as a cooler version of loungewear is something I’m willing to participate in. 

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