The Best Workout Clothes Are at Amazon—33 Pieces Everyone Is Talking About


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Amazon is a trove of good workout clothes. While the thousands of glowing reviews racked up by its best-selling leggings and sports bras are impressive enough, TikTok is also flooded with haul videos of fashion people showing off their coolest activewear from the retailer. After watching dozens of such videos, I made a beeline to the site to shop them all.

Hours of scrolling later, my Amazon deep dive has paid off since I have 33 epic finds to show for it. Whether it's the tank top our editors can't get enough of or cute matching sets that could pass as luxury activewear, discover the best workout clothes on Amazon here. Ahead, we're diving into the tanks, leggings, matching sets, and more that everyone's talking about right now.

Tank Tops

There are a lot of workout tanks out there, but I cross-referenced the best-selling styles with the ones our editors personally vouch for. Voilà, here are six A+ picks.


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Best Workout Tank: Lemedy Yoga Tank Top

More standout tanks:


Search "leggings" on Amazon, and you'll find yourself in a sea of options. These are the classics we prefer for working out.


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Best Workout Leggings: Amazon Essentials Active Sculpt High-Rise Full-Length Leggings

More standout leggings:


From bike shorts to swishy nylon pairs, we dug through Amazon to find the best workout shorts.


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Best Workout Shorts: Free People Way Home Shorts

More standout shorts:

Sports Bras

Sports bras are so personal. Your ideal style might be completely different from someone else's, which is why I always read the reviews to see what the fit is like and how they hold up during a sweat sesh.


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Best Workout Bra: Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra

More standout sports bras:

Matching Sets

Matching sets are quite possibly what Amazon does best. The retailer has cute sets in so many fun colors and silhouettes it'll make your head spin. 


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Best Workout Set: Niyokki Seamless Leggings Set

More standout workout sets:


They may not be the most exciting purchase you'll ever make, but here's your reminder to add a fresh pack to your next Amazon order. 


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Best Workout Socks: Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks

More standout socks:

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