People Are Talking About These New Adidas Sneakers

When sneakerheads get as excited about something as they currently are about Adidas's newest launch, you know it's going to be huge. We couldn't help but notice that every single sneaker-centric site on the internet has posted about Adidas's Iniki Boost Runners as of late, so, naturally, we had to know more. According to Footwear News, these retro-inspired trainers are the next NMDs, which were undoubtedly the must-have style of 2016 (they're nearly impossible to find). And you won't have to wait long for what could be the It Adidas sneakers of 2017—they're on sale tomorrow, March 1.

The thing that sets the Iniki Runners apart from the many of the styles in Adidas's über-popular Originals line is that you can actually work out in these. According to the sneakers' description, "A classic runner gets a modern makeover with state-of-the-art cushioning." We've yet to encounter other sneakers that are as much fashion sneakers as they are athletic ones. These feature a gum sole (which adds to the vintage appeal) and spring-friendly colors (the men's version is available in more classic hues like navy, red, and gray).

Given the hype surrounding these new Adidas sneakers, we're predicting a swift sellout. As such, we recommend stalking them as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning so you don't miss out.

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