Proof "Dad Shoes" Are the Next Big Sneaker Trend

We have witnessed our fair share of sneaker trends this year, whether it be pastel sneakers, sock-boot sneakers, or slip-on sneakers, but the sneaker trend that is currently dominating the fashion scene is definitely one for the books. At first, it was hard to pinpoint what the style we were suddenly seeing everywhere reminded us of, but then it hit us—it reminded us of our dads. Or at least a dad somewhere who wears jeans that are two sizes too big, a half-zip sweatshirt, and sneakers that are semi-awkward, kind of puffy, and far from "cutting-edge."

We know what you're thinking—yes, these dad sneakers we speak of are officially a fashion favorite, despite their otherwise "ugly" character traits. First of all, "ugly" trends have been psychologically proven to make you feel better about yourself, so trying this new sneaker style could be the boost to your mood you didn't know you needed. Second, these shoes have this strange ability to make whatever you're wearing look infinitely cooler. It's almost like the frumpy qualities combined with the chicness of your outfit cancel out their unflattering traits altogether. (Don't ask us to do that math for you on that one.)

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, dad sneakers are a thing, and we have the street style shots and the products to prove it. Retailers across the board including Net-a-Porter, Zara, Barneys, and H&M are all stocked with different variations of this new 2017 sneaker trend, and we can't wait for you to shop some of them yourself.

Go on to check out this new sneaker trend in action, and be sure to shop the dad sneakers we love afterward.

2017 sneaker trend - vetements pink track suit


Collage Vintage

Layer classic pieces like a trench coat over your athleisure sets for a well-rounded look.

2017 sneaker trend - reebok white sneakers


Collage Vintage

A pajama top and sneakers have never looked more at home than they do when paired with this pinstripe suit.

2017 sneaker trend - vetements reebok sneakers


Style du Monde

When it's too cold to function, you don't always have to sacrifice your style. Instead, layer two of your favorite jackets together.

2017 sneaker trend - balenciaga sneakers


Collage Vintage

Color-block sneakers add just the modern touch that an otherwise androgynous look is missing.

2017 sneaker trend - reebok sneakers


Collage Vintage

The best way to make your all-black ensemble pop is by contrasting it with stark white sneakers.

2017 sneaker trend - red track pants


Collage Vintage

This outfit is walking proof that there is absolutely no such thing as too many layers.

2017 sneaker trend - nike high top sneakers


Collage Vintage

Do tights feel a bit too prissy for you? I bet wearing some with high-top sneakers will break that premonition of yours.

2017 sneaker trend - long fur coat


Collage Vintage

Apparently, colored tights are the hero piece of street style star's wardrobes, and we aren't mad about it.

These probably bring you right back to the third grade.

We are pretty sure these sneakers came straight from the future.

Fashion girls can't get enough of this classic style.

These also come in red, and they are just as good.

Sneakers with just the right amount of shine.

Your favorite summer dress is in need of these chunky sneaks.

How perfect would distressed boyfriend jeans look with these?

Topshop always wins us over with its festive colors.

Take these straight from the gym to brunch.

In case all of these seem a little too masculine for you, here's one with a bow.

Get you a pair of sneakers that can do both.

What do you think about this new sneaker trend? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below!

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