9 Fresh Fall Trends to Try Right Now

August is a bit of a weird month, sartorially speaking. You can feel it in the air that summer is winding down and that soon it'll be back to business as usual. The end of summer may leave you with a bittersweet feeling in general, but August fashion, well, it's sure to leave you with a confused feeling. Let us explain. If you're like us, you're probably a bit bored with your summer wardrobe, especially now that stores and sites are churning out the latest coats, sweaters, and boots for the fall days to come. As you know, August is one of the hottest months of the year for much of the country, which means wearing a new wool coat isn't really an option. So what's a fashion girl to do in August? Turn to the trends!

Among the new trends for fall are several that you could quite feasibly start wearing today (as in, they won't make you sweat). And since it's our number one goal to ensure that your wardrobe is on point every month of the year, we took it upon ourselves to round up nine fall trends that are most appropriate for August. Read on to see them on the streets and shop our picks for each!