The 25 Most Inspiring Bombshells Of All Time

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    From the o.b. (that's original bombshell, to you) Brigitte Bardot to her modern day counterparts, we've rounded up the crème de la crème of bodacious broads, so be sure to click through and let us know who you like best.

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    Jayne Mansfield

    Much like her counterpart Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield was blonde and bodacious—who can forget that amazing photo of Mansfield and Loren?—albeit not quite as famous. A self-proclaimed pin-up, Mansfield was known for her legendary 40-21-35 silhouette and multi-faceted talents: she was a singer (Jimi Hendrix played on her 1965 single "As The Clouds Drift By"), actress (film and theater), and even had a revue in Vegas. Just think of her as one of the first multi-tasking bombshells.

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    Elizabeth Taylor

    Between her ultra-hourglass figure, violet eyes, and voracious appetite for fine jewels, there's nothing about Elizabeth Taylor that's not bombshell-y. We especially like the fact that the legendarily passionate actress was beautiful and quite brainy too—a fabulous combination, to be sure.

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    Sophia Loren

    The Italian star is generally considered one of the world's most gorgeous and talented actresses—and we'd have to agree. She once said "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti," referring to her feminine figure, an argument for carbs if we've ever heard one.

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    Eartha Kitt

    Known for sultry songs like "C'est Si Bon" and "Santa Baby," not to mention the fact that she played Catwoman on the late '60s TV show Batman, Eartha Kitt is a cult favorite and a beautiful bombshell of the highest order.

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    Brigitte Bardot

    The French actress, model, and singer—if you don't already own her duet with Serge Gainsbourg "Bonnie and Clyde," download it immediately—just might be the original blonde bombshell. While her kiss-me lips and traffic-stopping curves were certainly noteworthy, the star of the 1956 cult film And God Created Woman knew a thing or two about fashion too. Just ask Kate Moss, who's cribbed from Bardot's style sheet for years.

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    Anita Ekberg

    If you've ever seen Fellini's La Dolce Vita, you know why Anita Ekberg's on this list. The voluptuous Swedish actress stole the film when she plays around in the Trevi Fountain wearing a décolletage-and-back-revealing black gown. A public fountain's never seemed so sexy—nor will it again, we'd imagine.

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    Before Lindsay Lohan, Christina Hendricks, and Jessica Rabbit, there was another captivating, curvaceous redhead: Ann-Margret. The Stockholm-born singer-turned-actress had a sexy sound that matched her voluptuous good looks and was courted by Elvis—a man known for being a bit of a bombshell expert—at the start of her massive career. In addition to being a babe, Ann-Margret is probably the only "sex kitten" who has five Golden Globes, an Emmy, and was nominated for two Oscars.

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    Jane Fonda

    Prior to her '70s shag haircut, the workout video empire, and even that Mickey Avalon song, Jane Fonda was first known for her coquettish allure. The babe of Barbarella was all flirty lashes and bouffant-y locks—not to mention an out-of-this-world body.

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    Raquel Welch

    Though she had fewer than five lines in the 1966's One Million Years B.C., Welch was such a looker, they used an image of her in a deerskin bikini on the movie poster—an image that's now legendary. The Chicago-born, La Jolla-raised beauty was definitely one of the era's most popular sex symbols, and it's not hard to see why.

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    Cindy Crawford

    In the '80s and '90s, no one was bigger than Cindy. The Illinois-raised girl put the super in "supermodel," rocketing to fame with her healthy, hourglass figure, world-renown beauty mark, and fondness for jaw-dropping Versace dresses. (And remember when she was married to Richard Gere? Yeah, that.) Need more proof of her foxiness? Two ideas: check out George Michael's "Freedom '90" video or her iconic Pepsi commercial from 1992. Both are legendary.

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    Claudia Schiffer

    Of all her supermodel peers—Crawford, Campbell, Evangelista, Turlington—Schiffer might be the most famous. Her career is certainly still relevant; the German model remains a fashion world favorite, and continues to get major contracts (L'Oreal cosmetics) and editorials (last year Vogue photographed her and she appeared in the Karl Lagerfeld-shot Chanel Little Black Jacket). We'll always have a soft spot for the blonde beauty, especially those '90s Guess ads. Remember her bangs and lace bustier? They were seriously major.

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    Monica Bellucci

    Sultry doesn't even begin to cover it when it comes to Italian actress Monica Bellucci. A longtime, major star in Europe, Bellucci first caught America's attention in 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula, and cemented the fascination via her global campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana (she's the designers' longtime muse).

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    Salma Hayek

    Mexican actress Selma Hayek may be tiny, but she clearly has a surplus of charisma and talent to boot. Her curvaceous figure, enormous eyes, spitfire spirit were totally charming in back in 1995, when we first saw her in Robert Rodriguez's Desperado, and she's only gotten better with time.


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    Angelina Jolie

    Google "Angelina Jolie lips" and you'll get a staggering 21 million plus results: pretty impressive especially if you consider that the actress' kisser is just one of her many formidable assets. Though Jolie's a UN Goodwill Ambassador and mother of six, thanks to her early days on the Hollywood scene—when she was all about skintight leather pants and playing gun-toting beauties—she'll always be a badass bombshell in our books.

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    Liv Tyler

    As the daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and former model, muse, and Playmate Bebe Buell, the fact that Liv Tyler is stunning is shocking to no one. And while she doesn't flaunt her statuesque frame as overtly as some of her fellow bombshells, she's still got curves galore, gorgeous milky skin, and a mouth made for magazine covers. 

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    Eva Green

    If you haven't seen Green's debut performance in Bernardo Bertolucci's 2003 film The Dreamers, you might not know why she's on this list of iconic bombshells. But anyone who is that flawless and fearless—and the French actress is unquestionably both—deserves to be celebrated. There's something about Green that's slightly dangerous and indubitably intriguing, no wonder why she was a brilliant Bond girl. 

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    Scarlett Johansson

    She looks like a pocket-sized pinup model and talks with an old Hollywood throaty purr that makes her sound wise beyond her years. Even better: Johansson's got enough edge—including a couple of tattoos and a former septum piercing—to intrigue anyone. 

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    Dita Von Teese

    Any woman who can turn a striptease into an art performance and single-handedly bring burlesque back into conversation is definitely a bombshell. Oh and did we mention the fact that Von Teese also always has the perfect red lip, polished retro curls, and an impossibly tiny waist? She's vampy, in the best possible way. 

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    Eva Mendes

    There's something seriously retro and completely divine about Eva Mendes' beauty. With her chestnut mane, the dainty mole on her left cheek, and figure that looks like it was made for bandage frocks, she continues to captivate film audiences and the fashion world (her Calvin Klein Underwear ads from Fall 2009 were seriously steamy) alike. 

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    Lara Stone

    After years of impossibly waif-y models, Lara Stone helped curves become chic again in a big way. The charmingly gap-toothed Dutch model made a huge splash in 2009 and has been the face of Calvin Klein in various capacities (including cosmetics, fragrance, as well as the ready-to-wear campaigns) for a number of years. While she's just taken some time off to have a baby, we have a feeling her comeback is going to be spectacular. 

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    The woman who gave us the word "bootylicious" certainly needed to be included on this list. We challenge anyone to watch the singer's 2003 "Crazy In Love" video and not be awed by both Bey's formidable talent and the way she works a pair of jean shorts. She's been teaching the world how to strut, bounce, and pop as a solo artist for the past decade, but somehow we have a feeling the girl's just getting started.

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    Blake Lively

    If "California bombshell" was an actual entry in the dictionary, we have a hunch Blake Lively's picture would be next to it. With her wildly enviable, honey blonde hair, sun-kissed skin, and endless legs, Lively is basically a living Barbie and a babe on every level. The fact that she can crack an egg with one hand and whips up pastry like a pro when she's not making movies? We. Are. Smitten. 

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    Amber Heard

    Blonde of hair and bold of brow, Heard is one of the few actresses of her generation who actually looks like the sort of "w-o-m-a-n" Peggy Lee once sang about. Another reason why this modern day dame deserves a spot on this list? She's a Guess girl, much like the equally dishy Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni, and Carre Otis. 

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    Georgia May Jagger

    They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so when your dad is rock legend Mick Jagger and your mom is former model Jerry Hall, there's a good chance that you're going to be a knockout. It's certainly the case for blonde British bombshell Georgia May Jagger. The youngest of the Jagger and Hall clan, 21-year-old Georgia has already embraced her inner goddess, and is vamping it up for brands like Rimmel, Hudson Jeans, and H&M on a regular basis. 

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    Kate Upton

    This cover girl is, without question, the curviest girl in fashion and a true modern day bombshell. Not that we'd expect anything less that the stunner who performed "Cat Daddy" to such devastating effect for Terry Richardson. With Vogue and ELLE covers under her belt—not to mention a couple of Sports Illustrated covers too—it makes sense that she's being courted by Hollywood. Upton's shooting Nick Cassavetes' new movie with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann right now—and we have a hunch she's going to steal the show…

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