Be Honest, Are You Embarrassed About Your Summer Work Wardrobe?

If you're spending a lot of time standing in front of your wardrobe right now, confused about what to wear, you aren't alone. As soon as summer (and that Australian humidity) starts to settle in, it gets harder to dress for work. Are you a little embarrassed about your summer work wardrobe? Does it feel like it's not really 'you'? Or that maybe you're showing more skin than you feel comfortable with, only because you don't know what else is out there? If you're struggling right now, a summer wardrobe work refresh might be just what you need.

For a fresh and inspiring point of view, we asked the designer behind fashion label Interval, Kara Liu, for some insight on what she thinks is key to dressing for the office in summer, while also staying on trend, and looking and feeling professional (as in, no thongs or denim shorts). In an interview with POPSUGAR Australia, Kara speaks about her love of going back to basics and focusing on luxurious fabrics and basic pieces that aren't just wearable for one season. 

Keep scrolling to read Liu's summer wardrobe-dressing tips, and shop three key pieces.

Staying on Trend

  • "Wear natural fibres as they breath better than synthetic materials, which helps you stay cool on stickier days."
  • "Looser fitting styles, will make airflow your friend. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a potato sack either. Styling strategically is the key. For example, you can style a shirt dress loosely over a slip dress, or with a belt and long Bermuda shorts. If you prefer fitted bottoms like pencil skirts or tapered trousers, style them with a loose fitting blouse."

Rules of Office Dressing

  • "I am all about high-low dressing. Office styling is no exception. It’s about mixing and matching of statement pieces and every day pieces to achieve the right balance." 
  • "Have fun accessorising to highlight the outfit. Sometimes all you need is an interesting piece of jewellery to wear with your white T-shirt and black cigarette trousers."
  • "Choose lighter colours. They are always more fun and don’t suck up the heat."

3 Go to Outfits

"Shirt dresses are great for summer—crisp and chic, and there are so many varieties. Above-knee would be my preferred length and is acceptable in most workplaces. You can always go longer if your office is more corporate. I know ankle boots are not standard summer attire, however they visually elongate the legs and create great proportion with mid-thigh length dresses."

Men’s Style Shirt + Structured Skirt + Minimalist Slide

"I always like the structure and and flattering proportion created by an oversized shirt tucked (or half tucked) into a structured skirt. Midi is my preferred length but a short A-line skirt would work just as well. I always choose a shirt with interesting detailing. (The Haaren Shirt is my current go-to). Balance the outfit with a simple flat or low block heeled slide."

Relaxed Wide Legged Ankle Pant + Simple Top + Heels

"Voluminous ankle pants are my wardrobe staple as they are so versatile. Tuck in a simple soft blouse, pair with a long sleeveless tunic for interesting proportion, or simply wear with a cropped shirt. A pair of mid block heels or wedges would complete the outfit nicely (as stilettos would look too fine for the outfit)."

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