What Everyone Is Buying Right Now From Green With Envy

We’re always curious to know what are people actually buying from our favourite online retailers? Is it the pieces we suspect? Are the most popular items basics? Statement pieces? Accessories? Curiosity got the better of us, and we reached out to one of Australia’s biggest luxury retailers, Green With Envy, to find out what everyone is buying right now.

We were pleased to discover our shopping habits are an even mix—from winter essentials like jeans and coats, to statement pieces like beautiful dresses—and this list really proves Australian women are always on the hunt for seasonal updates.

Keep scrolling to peep the most popular items on Green With Envy.

We love this dress layered over a black turtleneck for winter.

Found: The perfect aviator shape.

A casual block heel will easily integrate into any wardrobe.

It's easy to see why this leather biker is so popular. It's the ultimate winter wardrobe staple, with the leather becoming softer as you wear it, molding to your body.

Sitting just above the waist, these flares perfectly fit the body, making them an ideal choice if you're on the hunt for a pair of tailored evening pants.

An oversized coat is the easiest way to achieve model-off-duty style.

We can imagine Alexa Chung styling this for day with brogues and opaque tights.

It's unsurprising these are a favourite. We've spotted them on basically every style star recently.

This proves an Alexander Wang bag will always be a wise purchase.

What was the last thing you bought? We'd love to know! Share in the comments below.

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