These Are the 4 Most Youthful Colours to Wear, According to an Expert

While being comfortable in one's own skin (and wardrobe) is numero uno, it's probably safe to say that one thing that no one wants to wear is something that ages them, unless you're trying to look more grown-up for a reason. One of the most effective ways to achieve that look your age, or younger, is via the colours we chose to wear. Given that there are thousands of Pantone hues at any given time, we turned to an expert in the field to guide us towards the exact colours to wear if you want to look a smidgen more youthful. Kate Smith is the president and chief colour maven of Sensational Colour, which is a resource for information on colour trends, meaning, theories, and dos and don'ts. 

Smith told us, "With each year, hair and skin tone changes subtly, and at some point, those same colours are no longer as flattering as they once were." She added, "To keep glowing, your colours need to complement how you look right now." Of course, confidence is the biggest youth-booster one could ever get their hands on, and you should really wear whatever colour makes you feel most energised, but perhaps the four specific shades she recommends will provide a little extra something on the days where you don't know what to reach for. 


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"Turquoise is a colour that brings out the glow in every skin tone. There are many variations of this colour that lean either bluer or greener. If you have a lighter skin tone, find the perfect turquoise by turning over your arm and looking at the veins in your wrist. If they look bluer or greener, then find a shade of turquoise that leans towards that colour. If you have a medium-to-dark skin tone, just about any mid-tone turquoise will look great." — Kate Smith


Gwyneth Paltrow
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The Duchess of Cambridge
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Queen Letizia of Spain
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Anna Wintour
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"Think rich magenta toned down by red or the colours that range from fuchsia to raspberry. Afraid to trade pastel pink for a deeper shade? All you have to do is look at pictures of Hillary Clinton wearing this colour versus any other colour she wore on the campaign trail. Once you see how much younger she looks wearing [red-violet], you'll want to find your best red-violet, too." — Kate Smith


Tracee Ellis Ross
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Kris Jenner
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Helen Mirren
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LaLa Anthony
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"True black is often too severe against the softer tones of mature skin. It can make fine lines, wrinkles, and circles under your eyes appear darker. If black has been your go-to colour, it may be difficult to give it up. Be open to trying charcoal gray, navy blue, or another deep colour. You may just discover how much more flattering your 'new black' is than the one you've been wearing." — Kate Smith


Michelle Obama
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Stella McCartney and Oprah
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Jennifer Aniston
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Halle Berry
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"Another colour that flatters a majority of women is medium blue with a touch of purple or violet. Hair and skin tones 'cool' with age, and the blue-based hue, often called periwinkle, works beautifully no matter where you skin tone falls in the range between warm and cool." — Kate Smith


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