I Analysed Every Step of Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Routine—11 Tips I’ve Stolen

In my job, I'm lucky enough to have access to celebrity facialists, top beauty brands and the best experts in the industry, but I've noticed more and more that it's A-listers themselves who are becoming all the more influential when it comes to serving up legitimately good beauty advice. Of course, celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston are surrounded by the beauty industry's cream of the crop on a daily basis, from makeup artists to hairstylists, so it's really no surprise that they've picked up some expert beauty tips along the way. There's one celebrity in particular, however, whose skincare knowledge I trust more than most: Victoria Beckham.

With her own beauty line under her belt and a dedicated reel of product recommendations and top tips on her Instagram page, Beckham's love of all things beauty is obvious. Her passion for products combined with how open she has been about her skincare journey from Spice Girl to bonafide fashion designer means that she's a woman I've really come to trust when it comes to beauty tips. Plus, there's the fact that she looks damn incredible.


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Ahead, keep scrolling for the best product recommendations, beauty tips and skincare rituals that I've learned from Victoria Beckham's Instagram. 

1. She Swears By Facial Massages


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VB has made no secret of her love of a good facialist and credits Sarah Chapman with being one of the skin experts who has helped her to get her acne-prone skin in check. So it's no surprise that she swears by regular facial massages, particularly ahead of travelling, to combat congestion and puffiness.

2. She Uses Natural Body Products


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It's not just the skin on her face that looks amazing— Beckham swears by all-natural body oils for keeping her limbs soft, supple and glowing. Her top tip is to apply when she's straight out of the shower whilst her skin is still damp.

3. She's Obsessed With Keeping Her Skin Hydrated


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Getting a peek inside the airport beauty bag of Victoria Beckham is one of my guilty pleasures. Turns out, she is religious about keeping her skin hydrated whenever she flies—as evidenced by this bag of facial mists and rich moisturisers. I'll be stocking up before I take off next time.

4. She Uses a Sponge to Apply Powder


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Beckham's skin always looks amazing—particularly when she's going to a red-carpet event. She shared an insightful beauty tip on her Instagram Stories when she revealed that her makeup artist actually uses a mini Beautyblender to apply powder exactly where she needs it. It's "the most accurate way to apply your powder", in VB's own words.

5. She Never Travels Without Hair Straighteners 


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Whilst most of us aren't at risk of getting papped when walking through the airport, a decent pair of travel hair straighteners that actually work are hard to come by. These cordless ones from Balmain come Beckham-approved, however. "Most of them don't get so hot, but I've found these Balmain hair straighteners that come in this nice little bag, which I think is going to be a life-changer," said Beckham. "No more frizzy hair when I get off the plane."

6. She Never Forgets About Her Cuticles 


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Whenever I do my nails at home, I woefully neglect my cuticles. However, Victoria Beckham is not a woman who would put up with scraggy cuticles, as demonstrated by her advice that it's "always key to really pay attention to the cuticles" for a polished finish. Noted, VB.

7. She's a Big Fan of Under-Eye Masks


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It's not just her cuticles that Beckham never forgets about—it's her eyes too. Whilst prepping on set for a Victoria Beckham Beauty shoot, she shared a behind-the-scenes picture of her in these under-eye masks to prep the delicate under-eye skin ahead of makeup. 

8. She Uses the Same Moisturiser Day and Night


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Rather than using a different moisturiser for day and night or depending on the season, Beckham has taken her facialist Melanie Grant's advice and sticks to one cult moisturiser for round-the-clock hydration. Celebrities like Alexa Chung and Margot Robbie also swear by Augustinus Bader's The Cream, so you're in good company if you choose to switch out all of your other moisturisers for this one.

9. She Nourishes Her Skin From the Inside Out


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I'm convinced that one of the reasons that Beckham looks so good is that she doesn't just focus on the products that she puts on her skin; she's also a keen dabbler in wellness practices and supplements. In fact, she took to Instagram Stories to reveal that she takes a daily dose of omega-3 fish oil which is "so good for the skin", in her own words. 

10. She Uses Light Therapy to Keep Her Skin in Check


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VB knows the importance of maintaining good skin and relies on light therapy to keep her face rejuvenated and clear. At the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic, she opts for a combination of red light to improve fine lines and elasticity, and blue light to ease congestion and calm breakouts.

11. She Opts for Nude Lip Products for a Fuller Pout


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There's something about full, well-defined lips that look endlessly youthful, and Beckham is pretty much the queen of the pout. In fact, her trademark nude lipstick style is so iconic that she's just created a two-step system so everyone can get the look. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with both lipliner and shades of nude, so it was only natural that for my second collection, I'd introduce the two lip essentials that I use to create my perfect nude lip look every day," she said.

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