I Did the Research—This Is How Kate Middleton Gets Her Hair to Be Shiny

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that no one knows how to achieve shiny hair quite like the royals or, as a matter of fact, their hairstylists. They're the ones who are responsible for creating their glossy hair moments for royal engagements, whether it be a bouncy blowout or a classic updo with not a hair out of place. Have you ever seen Kate Middleton have a bad hair day? I think not.

So what is the secret behind the royal's high-shine and expensive-looking hair? The good news is that you needn't be in possession of a title nor a tiara to achieve royal-worthy hair. With the right techniques, tips and a few keys products, you can still achieve that knockout shine on your own hair.


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The royals typically follow a strict etiquette and won't explicitly reveal what products they use. So I decided to do a deep dive on Kate's hair and the products she is rumoured to love for it. And to find out the expert tips and tricks behind royal-worthy and shiny hair, I spoke to Jack Merrick-Thirlway, creative director at Neville's Hair & Beauty, who is behind the hair of Lady Kitty Spencer, Marchioness of Bath Emma Thynn and many other people of nobility. Read on for the all deets.

1. Use a good shampoo—this is Kate Middleton's favourite

2. Use nourishing hair treatments

With royals having their hair done regularly (and therefore being exposed to heated styling tools regularly), it's imperative to use nourishing hair treatments to add lustre and gloss—both at home and in the salon. "Nourishing treatments are a must to keep the condition of the hair looking pristine," says Merrick-Thirlway. "At Neville Hair & Beauty, we offer a multitude of deeply hydrating treatments for the scalp and the hair such as the Philip Martin’s Herbal Hair Remedy in-salon treatment, which is designed to bring back youth, hydration and moisture to your hair."

3. Have regular haircuts

"Regular haircuts are also imperative to ensure royal worthy hair," says Merrick-Thirlway. "I recommend trimming split ends every six weeks to encourage growth." The right haircut for you will depend greatly, depending on your hair texture and lifestyle. "Haircuts are very dependent on the client’s hair type. Kate has beautiful thick hair, which allows long layers to be added and give movement," he says. "If the hair is not as thick, we need to be sure not to add too many layers as this will make the tips of the hair look weaker."

4. Use a round brush for blowouts


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Even though there are so many styling tools available, many hairstylists still favour the traditional blow-dry to impart bounce and shine to the hair. "An old-school blow-dry using a round brush—which unfortunately is an art that our industry is losing— is what is used to create royal-worthy hair," explains Merrick-Thirlway. "I personally favour rollers or grips to pin the hair as it cools down as that is what keeps the volume and bounce," he says. "Good products also help with longevity and protection. I also advise the use of heat protectors, a non-sticky blow-dry lotion and a nice hair spray to finish."

5. Choose glossy hair colours


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Kate Middleton's brunette hair colour by nature reflects a lot of light, making it look glossy. If you're finding that your hair colour is looking dull, then switching it up can help make it shinier. " Hair colour is an important component to achieving gorgeous hair that boasts health and dimension," says Merrick-Thirlway. "Always choose a colour that will help lift and illuminate the natural colour such as winter gold, a brunette base colour featuring golden highlights which also goes by the name 'candlelit brunette.'"

If your hair is naturally dark, then choose rich hair colours to give depth and dimension. As for blondes? Choose glossy blonde hues that tend to have a lighter base colour. In terms of hair colouring techniques, shatush (a freehand colour technique) and babylights (the delicate placement of microfine hair colour) are also favoured techniques amongst the elite to re-create shiny, royal-worthy hair.

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