I Just Tried Everything From Victoria Beckham's Beauty Line—Here's My Review

From her timeless denim choices to polished outfit pairings, Victoria Beckham is always high on our list for style inspiration. Since the launch of her eponymous fashion line back in 2008, her influence on our wardrobes is ever-present. However, as a beauty editor, I was always way more interested in the contents of VB's makeup bag or the ins and outs of her luxurious skincare routine. After all, this is a woman who has had access to some of the biggest names in the beauty industry since her days as Posh Spice. So when Victoria Beckham Beauty landed in September 2019, I was excited, to say the least.

Initially launching with a carefully edited collection of eye makeup—shadows, liners and lustres—inspired by Beckham's trademark smoky-eye look, the range has since grown to encompass lip products, a new mascara and skincare. It's a considered, concise roster of products that are all extremely covetable, but are the products actually any good?


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In terms of the products themselves, every single item from Victoria Beckham Beauty is clean, cruelty-free and sustainably made and packaged. Let's just talk about that packaging for a moment: The products are encased in tortoiseshell tubes and compacts that look chic and feel heavyweight and luxurious to hold. Posh? Most definitely.


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Of course, Beckham is no stranger to the world of beauty. She launched a hugely successful capsule makeup collection with Estée Lauder back in 2016, which gave us our first insight into Beckham's taste for effective yet luxurious makeup products. In fact, Sarah Creal—the former head of global makeup development and marketing at Estée Lauder—is heading up Victoria Beckham Beauty as co-founder and CEO, so it was always a dead cert that these products were going to be seriously good.


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"The products may be new, but they’ve been a lifetime in the making," explains Beckham. "I have always been beauty obsessed, and I want to create beauty solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out. It is all about making my community feel like the very best versions of themselves."

They look and sound good, but do the Victoria Beckham Beauty products actually live up to the hype? I decided to try everything from the line to see if they're actually worth the money. Below, I'm giving you my honest review of the products and my recommendations on which items you should shop first.

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Mica Ricketts wearing Smoky Eye Brick in Tweed, Lip Definer in 01, Lip Tint in Bisou and Future Lash Mascara.

Smoky Eye Brick

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Lip Definer

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Bitten Lip Tint

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Future Lash Mascara


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Mica Ricketts wearing Lid Lustre in Mink, Satin Kajal Liner in Cocoa and Posh Lipstick in Pop.

Lid Lustre

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Posh Lipstick

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Satin Kajal Liner

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Mica Ricketts