TikTok Has Spoken, and These Iconic Hair Trends Are Taking Over

Hey, besties, have you downloaded TikTok yet? If not, I certainly don't blame you. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally stayed up way past my bedtime scrolling it. If you spend time on the app or read about its buzziest fashion and beauty moments here on Who What Wear, then you've likely noticed that TikTok all but dictates trends across fashion, beauty, and everything in between. And right now, there are some unexpected hair trends taking off that we didn't see coming.

We're no strangers to hair trends and in fact, we spend a ton of time consulting our favorite celebrity hairstylists for the tea on what's set to take off next. But the beauty of TikTok is that it only takes one adventurous user with a compelling before-and-after transition to inspire millions of people to try something new or old! From some out-of-the-box hair curling methods to throwback hairstyles reminiscent of our favourite 2000s It girls, there's endless inspiration going around to help shake up your hair game. Keep scrolling for the top eight TikTok hair trends currently taking over.

1. Fringes

Fringes have never really gone down in popularity, but unlike side partings, TikTok is fully on-board with them. From face-framing curtain bangs to eyebrow-grazing fringes, the app's cool girls are embracing the trend and sharing all their best tips for styling and maintenance.


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2. Y2K Hairstyles

Y2K vibes have officially entered the chat. Fashion girls are having a ball with the re-entrance of low-rise jeans and tube tops, but 2000s-era hairstyles are gaining just as much traction. The evidence can be seen everywhere online, but especially on TikTok, where creators are breaking down nostalgic styles like bubble ponytails and sporting ultra-Y2K hair accessories like butterfly clips, rainbow elastics, and claw clips.


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3. Maximum Volume

Whether it's a salon-quality bombshell blowout or retro antigravity curls à la Farrah Fawcett, TikTok's top hair creators are all about turning up the volume right now. They're using well-known methods like vented brushes and heat tools like the famous Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer, but people are also rediscovering more old-school methods like velcro rollers that create the most beautiful results. Check out singer Lizzo's video below to get a feel for the vibe.


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4. Wigs

Maybe it's the fact that we've all been without our beloved hairstylists for so long, but TikTokers are big into wigs right now. No matter the colour or texture you're looking for, there's definitely a video on the app with tips for getting a pro-level install. The best part? Some affordable options that actually look amazing have blown up, so you can experiment without going broke.

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5. Embracing Curly Hair

Apparently, tons of people out there never knew they had curly hair until TikTok told them. There's an entire trend going on right now where people who have straight, but seemingly unruly hair are carrying out curly hair routines only to reveal that their hair is, in fact, wavy or curly. The discovery usually comes by way of curl-defining shampoo and conditioner, a Denman brush, gathering all the hair on top of the head to dry without any harsh rubbing (also known as plopping), and finishing off with a blast from the diffuser. It's actually quite satisfying to watch! If you have thick, frizzy hair, maybe it's time to explore the idea of unleashing your hidden curl pattern.


(Image credit: @ebonyboadu)

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6. Heatless Curls

I know I just said Velcro curlers are having a moment, but the girlies are really out here curling their hair with socks, robe belts, tights, and all sorts of other items you'd never classify as hair stylers, too. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan has shared many tutorials, but TikTokers have gotten these overnight curls down to a science and there are now so many resources for getting it right. Chances are you already have all the supplies you need hiding in your laundry basket.


(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

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7. Two-Tone Hair

In keeping with the 2000s hair trends currently making their way back into the spotlight, two-tone hair is blowing up on TikTok. From chunky, "money piece" highlights (characterised by the stark contrast between the hair colour directly surrounding the face versus the rest of the head) to half-and-half hair that's dyed different colours on either side, this hair colour moment leaves room for major experimentation.


(Image credit: @annawinck)

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8. All Things Olaplex

Just as CeraVe has emerged as TikTok's skincare line of choice, Olaplex is the frontrunner in the haircare realm. It seems like any time a hair pro or enthusiast shares a shopping list of their can't-live-without hair products, there's at least one Olaplex item (if not two or three!) included in the lineup. This isn't surprising, though, as the Olaplex No. 3 Bond Builder has been a holy-grail hair pick for years and each product in the growing at-home system is met with critical acclaim. It's just TikTok-official now!

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