What London Girls Have Really Been Wearing This Month

London street style isn't a new phenomenon. The pavements of our capital city have long been dotted with photographers capturing the fashion zeitgeist, from i-D magazine's era-defining straight-ups in the '80s through to documentary snaps of Carnaby Street's '60s mods and rockers. You'll even be able to dig up a Victorian-style snap here and there—even if the focus was probably on the automobiles and industry backdrop, we won't pass up any chance to see a bustle in action.

Today you may be likely to find less of the extremely diverse underground tribes that this cultural hub has always been famed for, but there are still style factions present (and many that we draw great inspiration from). London's a place where you can wear your wackiest outfit to breakfast and no one will bat an eyelid. However, it's also a place where you can be ultra-chic and businesslike one day and trend-led the next. Your style can be whatever it wants to be at any given time. And it's true—Brits really do give good outfit inspiration 24/7.

That's why we're bringing a new instalment each month of true London street style to Who What Wear UK. We've just seen the tail-end of what feels like the last burst of heat, and as such, there's a definite swing toward winter styling, with statement boots and where-did-you-get-that jackers.

Keep reading to see great outfit ideas from the sidewalks of this fair city.


Melissa Eskin
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Fashion designer Melissa Eskin paired her vinyl I.Am.Gia trousers with a cosy teddy bear jacket from Uniqlo—in our books this is the perfect autumn ensemble.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Angeliki Jonsson
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Art curator Angeliki Jonsson didn't just make a statement with her glittery Chanel boots—she customised her Topshop bag with flowers from artist Takashi Murakami. Oh, and that amazing jacket? It's from Zara.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Jessica Hodin
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Jessica works on partnerships for the Frieze and paired her vintage YSL top and skirt with boots from The Row.


Emma Rees
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: When we saw this outfit we were convinced those were boots with a very high price point—but they are actually from Zara.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Sabrina Roman
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Fashion student Sabrina is making us want to buy a pair of Dr Martens immediately—we love how they look with her cropped & Other Stories trousers.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Polina Askeri
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Art gallery owner Polina Askeri played with prints at Frieze, wearing a Self-Portrait floral dress with an orange Hermès bag and Paris Texas zebra boots.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Ainhoa Zubeldia
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: We love how Ainhoa layered a crop top over her checked & Other Stories suit.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Shermmaine Telan
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Shermmaine is a print designer and stylist, and her Travis Scott Tour jumper certainly shows her love of bold prints. The sunnies are Ray-Ban before you go searching for them.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Katya wears a Balenciaga checked suit with lace-up boots and a double-cross Chanel bag.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)


Julia Rambaud
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Julia gave us Olsen vibes in her long black coat, BA&SH Paris printed dress and chunky boots.


Juliette LaGuardia
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Statement boots are certainly taking over London this month—and these boots are from Reserved.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)



Susan Bender Whitfield
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Fashion consultant Susan can come and advise us any time! We love how she's accessorised this outfit up to the max.


Yoonhee Kim
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Yoonhee's belted checked blazer, chunky bovver boots and pleated skirt are three key items that all going to be big for autumn 2019.


Rachel Richard
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Stylist Rachel has already received autumn's hot-pink memo, choosing Balenciaga sneaks and a matching bag to set against her orange dress from & Other Stories. 


Sara Brown
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: We dare you not to smile at this outfit. Influencer and designer Sara Brown wears a yellow checked suit that she designed for ASOS with matching Teva sandals and a white beaded bag by Skinny Dip. 


Lauralee Whyte
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: White dresses (especially from Zara) are clearly having a moment in London. Jewellery designer and talent manager Lauralee adds classic Converse, a jumbo tote and cute headscarf to hers.


Amy Neville
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Embracing the last heatwave hurrah with her daisy-embroidered For Love & Lemons dress, Amy's moved into the new season with her monogrammed Dior bag and white Sigerson Morrison cowboy boots.


Hannah Burns
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: It's the Zara dress we've all been raving mad about! Worn with Teva sandals, this combo couldn't be more aligned to what our team is choosing to wear right now.


Verity Booker
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Wearing the breeziest, coolest, most understated jumpsuit from Finery, fashion buyer Verity also has the new sandal brand we're mad about: Suicoke.


Ploy Chava
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: This candy-coloured ensemble isn't going to work for everyone, but that's the joy of personal style. We truly admire designer Ploy's Barbie-esque approach to streetwear—both the trousers and jacket come from her line, P's Material.


Heloise Agostinelli
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: A cycling-shorts look the Hadids would be proud of. Helena makes it work with an oversized Zadig & Voltaire shirt, chunky Dr Martens boots and this summer's all-important accessory: a mini bag.


Gemma Rose Breger
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Your plain white dresses can be styled up a thousand and one ways, as Gemma (the co-founder of This Is Mothership) knows all too well. Her pink Prada bag, black Chanel sandals, Embellish Studio headband and Ray-Ban sunnies are quite the pick 'n' mix.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: We're big fans of a short suit in the Who What Wear UK office and appreciate the stylings of PhD student Anya's one from Reiss. A little trunk bag from Goyard, ballet pumps from Charlotte Olympia and visor sunnies from Dita.


Olivia Parker
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Easy, breezy dresses are where it's at right now, and we'd like to snap up this one from H&M, which Olivia will have found before us because she works in marketing for the brand.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Student Iris has all of the '90s best bits combined into one outfit here. Because she threw in a Chanel bag for good measure, we couldn't not photograph her!


Sofia Fominove
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Entrepreneur Sofia (the founder of Mealz) knows the #1 rule when it comes to choosing accessories to go with florals: Pick a colour out from the print and run with it. Her Zara jumpsuit and Louis Vuitton bag match perfectly.


Georgia Messer
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: We all know London girls love Zara, but they particularly adore its dresses. This is yet another winner from the store, and we like how Georgia's kept everything else simple to allow the bold pattern some room to breathe.


Kayla Watler
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Not all of us could pull off this motocross-inspired look, but it's nice to see someone like Kayla pushing the boundaries of streetwear and trying something different.


Maria Kastani
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: This makes us so happy! From her literally sunshine Mira Mikati dress to her shiny red Birkenstocks, designer Maria has truly embraced the heatwave.


Samantha Silver
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Samantha (the other co-founder of This Is Mothership) has managed to find a loose-fitting red dress that is so simple but so effective. Her luxe accessories (Gucci bag and Hermès sandals) take it to the next level.


Georgia Brinklow
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Georgia Brinklow is the founder of bakery Sugar Tit$ and looks just as colourful as her signature rainbow cakes in her ASOS orange-and-pink dress, which she pairs with pink sunglasses she found on Ebay. 


Mia Separovic
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Model Mia Separovic wears a pair of high-waisted Tommy Hilfiger jeans with a darker seam down each leg, paired with a black roll-neck from a Topshop and a leather jacket. The to-go coffee in hand really completes the model off-duty look.


Susan Daniel
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: You've got to admire a woman who can wear navy blue lipstick and pull it off. Fashion student Susan Daniel wears paper-bag waist jeans by Diesel with an oversized slouchy navy shirt and strappy heel sandals by Zara. 


Roxanne Hoare
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Calf-length skirts and chunky trainers are a popular combo with London women right now. We love how fashion student Roxanne Hoare makes her statement House of Holland midi look more relaxed with a COS baseball cap and Stella McCartney trainers. 


Maty Ndiaye
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Maty Ndiaye, we are quite simply obsessed with this outfit. The model and student wears the denim midi skirt from Topshop that keeps selling out with a red denim jacket by Pull and Bear and ankle boots by ATP Atelier. Baseball caps are clearly having a moment in London this month. 


Rachel Guy
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Fashion intern Rachel Guy dresses perfect for a creative office, wearing a linen suit by H&M with white trainers by Veja and Celine sunglasses.


Rachael Berry
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Stylist Rachael Barry toughens up her & Other Stories leopard midi with a pair of Dr Martens and a cropped denim jacket by All Saints. 


Bianca Presto
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: We're not at all surprised that Velcro sandals feature prominently in this month's London street style, and here PR director Bianca Presto wears a beaded pair by Cecilie Bahnsen with beige Topshop jeans and an Acne Musubi bag. 


Hailey Wood
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Hailey Wood's outfit is exactly what we want to wear to the park this weekend. She wears a red floral midi by Topshop with high-top Converse and a bag big enough for all your picnic supplies. 


Anisa Sojka
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Wearing head-to-toe white in London is always a brave move, but influencer Anisa Sojka makes it more London appropriate with her Ksenia Schnaider trench coat and Balenciaga trainers. 


Aziya Aldridge-Moore
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Okay, Aziya, you are winning at life! Everything about this ensemble is so effective: from the combination of body-con with the oversized bomber to her perfectly London accessories (bucket hat, bum bag, chunky boots—done). And get this: It's all from the high street.


Ella Boddington
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: This green House of Sunny coat has been a trending item on our Instagram feeds, so it's always nice to see something IRL. Student Ella has paired hers with a boilersuit from & Other Stories and sunshine-yellow Converse.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: If you're into a trend—like plissé pleats—why not wear them head to toe? Kay's Issey Miyake outfit is timeless, especially when worn with a pair of go-with-everything white boots.


Laurie Hungerford
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: If you worked at Self-Portrait, you'd have a great supply of party dresses too! But we adore how Laurie has taken such a fancy piece and made it right for the day with a tee, blazer and black ankle boots. Genius.


Sara Shamsipour
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Photographer Sara taps into spring's palette of neutrals, pastels and browns, but gives it that true Brit spin with socks and flatform loafers.


Anna Barford
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: The most work-appropriate way to do smart-casual right now, Anna's silky slip worn with a blazer, sneaks and a classic designer bag from Chloé is a look that can be easily emulated.


Lauren Aleen
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Just when we'd seen every possible jeans + trainers combo, along comes this retro look from Lauren. Her running sneaks with wide-leg jeans and tee feels so Farah Fawcett, but it's the quirky sunnies and leather blazer that bring the whole thing into 2019.


Selina Schleh
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: You won't believe where journalist Selina found that cracking boilersuit. Primark! Yes, really. The juxtaposition of casual Nikes with decorative earrings feels offbeat and a great way to make this omnipresent jumpsuit trend unique.


Nandi Macalou
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Yellow python-print trousers sound mad, but nanny Nandi makes them look casual and easy with her oversized denim and Dr Martens boots.


Molly Goddard
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Picking up a bag from Mexico and a top from Australia, Molly (the founder of fashion brand Desmond & Dempsey) makes her outfit all the more unique. 


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: You can wear your party dress while out shopping. Mai proves it by layering up with a shearling jacket and wearing her slip with Converse.

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Tora Northman
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: The eagle-eyed out there will recognise Tora's Maison Margiela Tabi boots (they're a cult item). And they look great with the writer's emerald green trousers and this blazer/sweatshirt slouchiness.


Sophie Williams
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Graphic designer Sophie has the Rejina Pyo shoes and colour palette of our dreams. Her vintage leather jacket, Lindex bag, jeans and roll-neck all work so beautifully and easily together.


Lea Baylet
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Is it just us, or are Converse really popular again? Sales manager Lea has worn hers in a completely different way with white jeans, a silver puffa, purple sweater and cute mini bag. Versatile sneaks.


(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: If Karlie got any cuter, or had any more Rejina Pyo pieces to share, we might just burst. She tops and tails her Rejina look with a Celine bag and Gucci shoes. The dream.