What a Cool French Girl Considers to Be This Year's Biggest Trends


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I just got back from a sunny vacation, so I feel more ready than ever to dig into what’s new, trend-wise, for 2018. New clothes look better with a tan, right? Without any further ado, let’s dig into my favourites and what I’m leaving behind the French-girl way. These are five new trends I’m excited about for 2018.

Playful Accessories


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This is by far my favorite trend for the months to come. Actually, is it a trend, or am I the only one who’s into that kind of stuff? To explain why I’m in love with this trend, here are my honest thoughts about the spring French-girl uniform (flower dress, espadrilles and a woven basket bag). As a French girl myself, I’m drawn to it. But let’s be real, I’m also a little tired of it. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, am I right?

So even if I find a wrap dress flattering and a woven basket cute and practical, I am, as of now, trying to go toward something else. Something as nonchalant and playful as the woven accessories (cause a girl’s gotta keep that French touch) but different. So instead of the woven basket, I’ll be wearing a colourful pearl bag this year (in a basket shape—baby steps). And I’ll replace my gold sandals with a rainbow metallic pair (sometimes, because they don’t go with everything—baby steps). Here are some of my favourites.

Tacky Chic


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Goes very well with the previous trend. So what belongs to this category? As a disclaimer, I’d like to add that I’ve been super inspired by Carrie Bradshaw for this. French-girl style is cool but pretty basic. That’s why this season I’ve decided to twist it up with some “tacky chic” pieces à la Carrie. This outfit sums it up perfectly: chic, perfectly done classic staples paired with the tackiest chic accessory (and a personal fave) that exists—the Dior saddlebag (I got mine on Vestiaire Collective). Keep scrolling to see some of my other picks.

Bodysuits and Square Necklines


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Ugh. Deep V-necks are still cool, but I believe a square neckline can be so sexy. I mentioned my love for the brand Khaite NY for basics, but it also does the most extreme sexy plunging square necklines (and bodysuits). I’m not gonna lie, this is not a new trend, really. But it’s just what I want to wear this season with a high-waisted pair of trousers and a pretty pair of boots. Rien de nouveau sous le soleil.

See-Through Items


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I don’t think there’s anything more sultry than a see-through dress (or top), and a playfulness in an outfit is really super French, in my opinion. It’s true that these items are more for the middle of the summer, and they’re not that easy to pull off in the city. But they’re worth it. See the proof here.

Sharp Slip Dresses


(Image credit: Sabina Socol)

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I love discovering new brands on Instagram—it’s my passion. I scroll and scroll for hours, and get caught in the Insta vortex. My eyes get red and dry, and I legit look like a crazy addicted person, but sometimes it’s worth it. I came across Paris Georgia a long time ago, but I just recently took a step further and bought a few pieces, as I wanted some sharp, sexy and simple dresses for the new season. This one has everything—a square neckline, an earthy color, the perfect length and a heavy, luxurious material—and I believe it’s going to be my go-to this spring. Plus, what’s more French than a perfect slip dress?

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