Katie Holmes Wore the Denim Trend Everyone Is Trading Black Jeans for Right Now

Katie Holmes is back at it again, providing endless outfit inspiration from the streets of NYC. Seriously, if you want to know how a cool NYC girl is dressing at any given time, look no further than Holmes. Her latest put-together outfit is a denim one—something she wears a lot of year-round. But this one was very much a seasonally appropriate denim outfit thanks to the jeans trend she opted to wear.

While black jeans are a favourite during fall and winter, people have been lightening things up (literally) as of late thanks to this fresh trend: cream-coloured jeans. White denim has long been a summertime staple, and cream has overtaken stark white as the preferred denim wash. Holmes opted for a tan T-shirt, black flats, and a neutral tote to accompany her cream-coloured jeans. It was the perfect late-spring look to take her through a busy day.

Keep scrolling for more cream-coloured denim styling inspiration and to shop the trend for yourself.

Katie Holmes wearing a white outfit in NYC

(Image credit: Splash by Shutterstock)

Katie Holmes wearing a white outfit in NYC

(Image credit: Splash by Shutterstock)

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Woman wearing a cream-colored jeans outfit

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Woman wearing cream-colored jeans in the English countryside

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Woman wearing a sweater, white jeans, and ballet flats

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