I'm Convinced That These Daring 2023 Trends Work for Everyone

If you looked at just one of the runway collections this past season, I'm sure you experienced the jaw-dropping experience that left everyone in the front row in a state of shock. The designs this year were just too good. Many of them showcased a long list of ways to take risks and wear something that will certainly turn heads. A lot of these trends may have been a bit intimidating to see walking down the runway. Even though I'm very experimental with my fashion choices, it would be a challenge for me to pull off some of these full runway looks.

However, when you focus on the trends that are being showcased and think about new ways to style them, there's a lot more than meets the eye. Keep in mind that there are many 2023 trends that I'm obsessed with that did not make it to this list, but I was really looking for the standout concepts that could work on many people, no matter what doubts you're holding. It's all about how you style things, so take a look at the six trends below that you should definitely try at home.

1. Sheer

You might not believe me when I say that everyone can pull sheer off, but hear me out. Looking good while wearing something sheer is truly all about the layering. Take a sheer skirt and throw an oversize blazer over it, and you have yourself a look that could work for any setting. Or try wearing a basic tank top underneath your sheer button-down—a very French-girl move.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Mirror Palais)


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(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

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2. Head-to-Toe Leather

Heavy leather might appear daunting at first, especially if you're very much in touch with your softer side, but once you put it on, you'll immediately feel more like a cool girl. For people who are new to wearing leather, I suggest choosing softer takes and leaning into romantic silhouettes like blouses and jumpsuits.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen)


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(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

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3. Metallica

If you are starting to warm up to the idea of head-to-toe leather, I can't wait to tell you about this next one. Metallic is back and better than ever before. I love anything metallic because it makes any outfit you're wearing feel futuristic. Step into your spacesuit.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Bally)


On my Instagram feed:
(Image credit: @emmaleger)

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4. Maxi Denim Skirts

If you live in New York City, you've certainly seen a lot of maxi denim skirts as of late. This is a trend that I recently tried and am telling everyone about. It's such a fun alternative to a pair of jeans that makes a simple graphic T-shirt way more fun.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of ACNE Studios)


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(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

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5. La Vie en Rosette

ICYMI, Who What Wear editors are obsessed with the rosette trend. In 2022, 3D roses have begun to adorn blouses, dresses, and even sometimes pants, and they're absolutely stunning. Something about this feels so wearable, and it is an easy way to instantly upgrade your look with just one little touch. If I had a sewing machine, I'd add rosettes to the things in my closet that I'm not feeling as much right now.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Prada)


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(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

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6. Belts on Belts

Unnecessary belts were a detail you couldn't ignore on the runway this past season. They adorned the waists, shoulders, and backs of runway models, and I absolutely loved it. Finishing off any outfit with this special detail is a surefire way to look chic.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Miu Miu)


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(Image credit: @samimiro)

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