H&M's Boots Are So Chic, Everyone Will Think They're Designer


(Image credit: Courtesy of H&M)

Boot season has arrived! I, for one, couldn't be happier. As an autumn girl at heart, the excitement I feel when I slip on a pair of Chelsea boots after months of open-toe shoes is unmatched.

There's one thing that stands in the way of me fully indulging my boot-buying habit: they're expensive. Especially if you favour leather iterations. Don't get me wrong, a good pair of boots is well worth the investment. Get it right and they could last you for many winters to come. But not all of us have the budget for £200 footwear, which is why we're thankful that brands like H&M exist.

H&M regularly impresses us—from its knitwear to the dress that all our editors fell for, we've sung the praises of this high-street hero countless times over the years. But we wanted to shine a spotlight on its shoe department, which, as I type this, is brimming with expensive-looking styles. From sleek knee-highs to western-inspired designs, the boot section is particularly on-point right now. Find twenty of the best below, starting at just £35.

1. Ankle Boots

2. Knee-High Boots

3. Chelsea Boots

4. Heeled Boots

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