This Denim Item Might Replace Your Skinny Jeans This Summer

In the face of the latest trends and the lure of the new, it’s all too easy to be unfaithful to the loyal companions who play more of a supporting role than a lead performance in our wardrobes. Like the humble denim skirt for example; it goes with practically everything—from silk blouses to sneakers—but it might not be the first item you reach for when you want to create an Instagram-worthy look. So that’s why we’re here to celebrate this veritable hero and remind you of all its hardworking merits.

What else can you sport on a daily basis in the city, and then crumple it into your suitcase and wear on a summer holiday without ever looking inappropriate? Seasonless and never dictated by the weather, there’s a denim skirt to suit every shape and style, be it vintage or avant-garde. Which is why there’s a strong case for owning more than one. In fact, we’re putting our money on four key styles that’ll see you through every eventuality (and act as the perfect partner to all those busy peasant tops currently doing the rounds).

Discover our denim skirt saviours in the gallery below, and continue clicking to shop our favourites.


The Pencil Skirt
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: The split pencil skirt is an effortless piece with which to straddle the smart/casual divide. You can dress it down with a tee and sneakers, or pair it with plusher fabrics and more elegant shoes while still not feeling overdressed, as Net-a-Porter’s retail fashion director, Lisa Aiken, shows here.


The Cutoff Mini
(Image credit: Rex Features)

Style Notes: It almost feels too obvious to make a case for this staple style, but it can be easy to overlook such a wardrobe classic in the face of all the tempting trends out there. Danish style star Pernille Teisbaek demonstrates a cutoff miniskirt is a great companion to velvet in summer.


The Inspired Twist
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: Don’t be quick to lump denim into the predictable category. Designers are always visiting this wardrobe stalwart and experimenting with new cuts and finishes along the way, and the results are covetable and easily translatable.


The Classic Button-Down
(Image credit: Rex Features)

Style Notes: As reliable as a pair of jeans, there’s no shape this A-line silhouette and style doesn’t flatter. Great with knee-high boots and a sloppy jumper in winter, this style holds its own through the warmer seasons, too, year after year.