8 Trends That You'll See in All the Coolest Holiday Destinations This Year

It can be all too easy to buy your holiday wardrobe in a last-minute panic. I've often been that person who buys a bikini on my lunch break mere hours before my flight. But I've learnt that in order to really feel confident on the beach, it's best to avoid that rush and assess your holiday wardrobe as soon as you know you're going to be jetting off so you can evaluate what, if any, new purchases need to be made. It always pays to be prepared. 

To save you from a pre-flight impulse shopping spree, we turned to the coolest dressers on Instagram who, let's face it are always one step ahead of the trends, to bring you a guide to all the key sun-drenched items you'll need in 2023. Of course, beachwear is no longer just all about bikinis and one-pieces—Net-a-Porter notes that 60 per cent of the beachwear sales on the site come from clothes rather than swimwear. So this trends guide also includes the cover-ups and accessories that will make your holiday packing so much easier and your warm-weather wardrobes so much cooler.

Keep scrolling for some escapism, and a list of what you'll see on the hottest beaches in 2023 and beyond...

1. Scarf Tops


(Image credit: @simplytandya)

Style Notes: You know holiday season is on the fast approach when linen trousers begin to fill your feed and, this year, the top to go with seems to be a cute bandana scarf knotted to the back. 

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2. Brown Swimwear


(Image credit: @claire_most)

Style Notes: One of the most dominant swimwear trends for 2023 is brown, earthy hues, which mirror one of the biggest clothing trends on the spring/summer runways.

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3. Tinted-Lens Sunglasses


(Image credit: @marina_torres)

Style Notes: If your summer eyewear needs an update, why not opt for large, square retro pair for 2023. They're back in a big way. 

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4. Jazzy Trousers


(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Style Notes: It's not just sunglasses that are going retro. According to Lucy Williams (who knows a thing or two about looking cool on holiday) printed trousers should be worn on swimwear and cover ups too. 

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5. Stacked Necklaces


(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Style Notes: Whether it's on the beach or chilling in the bar in the evening, necks are being adorned with fun and colourful layering stacks. 

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6. Bucket Hats


(Image credit: @sandrashehab)

Style Notes: Okay, okay, so this isn't a new trend per say but, if you've already bought into bucket hats that was money well spent as they're back in a big way for 2023. 

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7. Crochet Dresses


(Image credit: @lauraharrier)

Style Notes: If you don't have a holiday booked rest assured, the crochet dress is something that can be worn on home-soil too. 

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8. Shirt Co-Ords


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Style Notes: Collared shirts and matching shorts are the perfect alternative beach cover-up, wearing just as well together as they do apart. 

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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

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