This 50-Year-Old Mum Went Viral on TikTok for Her Style—See Her Summer Staples


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When I first saw a video of Larissa Mills and her daughter Ella on TikTok, I immediately hit the follow button. As someone who lurks on social media almost daily doing sartorial research, things can often get repetitive. But with Mills, I am always excited to see what outfit she and her daughter will be sporting for the day. When I asked her to describe her style, she said it was "classic, undone, simple, tailored and feminine. I put detail on form as well as function. I don't like 'perfect' style. If something looks too well matched or too done, I’ll need to mess it up a little." I've said this before, but at 50 years old, Mills is living proof that trends and style have absolutely no age limit. I'm 23, and I find myself hitting the save button on many of her outfits.

While she's already shared with us her wardrobe staples, I just had to know more. This time, I asked about the pieces she relies on for the summertime, and she certainly delivered. Needless to say, I'm influenced yet again. Keep scrolling to shop her summer picks. (I know I am.)

1. Mid-Thigh Shorts


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"Levis high-waisted, mid-thigh jean shorts are my favourite. They're classic, flattering, and very functional. They can be worn with a body suit and flip-flops for a super casual look or a long-sleeve silk blouse, low-heeled sandals, great jewellery, and bag to look polished and chic."—Larissa Mills

2. Linen Shirts


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"Long-sleeve linen shirts by Left on Friday or J.Crew are the epitome of form and function. They are ideal for warm days and evenings. They're soft, so I can tie them in different ways depending on whether I'm wearing a high-waisted or low-waisted pant."—Mills

3. Vintage Crossbody Bags


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"I love vintage crossbody bags—my favourites are from Fendi, Gucci, and Prada. In the winter, I tend to stuff my phone and wallet in my jackets but in the summer I don't have that option. I love the crossbody because it's less fussy and I don't have to worry about leaving it somewhere."—Mills

4. Linen Trousers


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"I own linen pants in white, black, and tan from Posse but I also have many from a small boutique in Mexico called Ziva Tulum. They're effortlessly chic for summer and so versatile. I can go grocery shopping in them with a tank and flip-flops during the day and then throw on a striped oxford, blazer, and great jewellery for night."—Mills

5. Great Sunglasses

"Great sunglasses are a must-have. For me, Smith glasses have been a staple for years but I am also loving Oscar x Frank for more statement-looking ones."—Mills

6. Black Slip Dress


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"I love a black mid-calf silk slip dress. They're popular right now, but for me, they're always popular. I have a Miu Miu black silk slip dress and it's one of my best purchases. I've worn it at least three times every summer for the last 20 years and it's still a favourite."—Mills

7. Staple Jewellery


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"I'm so covered up in the winter so a big star staple in the summer for me is jewellery—necklaces, bracelets, and watches in particular. I love my Cartier tank watch as a staple, and then I add newer and more fun ones to layer like my SC Collection pearls, Ella cross earrings, and Coutukitsch zodiac/snake charm necklaces, and hoop/charm earrings. Love!"—Mills

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