This 50-Year-Old Mum Went Viral on TikTok for Her Style—See Her 6 Essentials


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As an avid lurker on fashion TikTok, my feed usually consists of trend predictions, thrifting hauls and a plethora of outfits of the day. I usually find myself looking at the same slew of fashion people based in NYC or Copenhagen, but sometimes, I find someone with such impeccable style who makes me hit the follow button immediately. That was the case with Larissa Mills, who went viral after her daughter started posting her mum's outfits, which everyone, including me, wanted more of. At 50 years old, Mills is living proof that trends and style have absolutely no age limit. 

Mills's outfits usually consist of relaxed silhouettes, elevated basics and a variety of brands at high and low prices, from Cartier to Agolde. She has perfected effortless style, and I had to know more about it, so I reached out to Mills and asked for her go-to closet staples and the brands she resorts to often. Needless to say, her answers have given me a little more inspiration for my current wardrobe, and I know it'll do the same for you. Keep scrolling to shop her closet staples and go-to brands.

Her essentials:


"Comfort in my clothes is a staple. I like to move. I like to sit on the floor to play with animals and kids or even read a book. I like to sit cross-legged. I need clothes that can do that."


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Cashmere Sweaters

"Cashmere sweaters are a staple for me. I'm a sucker for texture. The fabrics that feel better are the ones that get worn more often, for sure."


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Mixed Jewellery

"I love mixing jewellery metals, and to me, nothing is precious. I never save a special piece of jewellery for an event. I wear what I love even if it's with sweatpants or T-shirts."


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"I don't like to be too fussy, and flip-flops immediately de-fuss any outfit."


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Linen Shirts

"I love linen long-sleeve shirts. I like the cut of men's Oxfords. They are boxier, which I prefer."


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Monochromatic Looks

"I'm not tall (5'4"), so I tend to like the lengthening effect wearing all one color provides."

Her favourite brands:

"I'm not a huge brand person. I actually buy a lot of my clothes at local consignment shops and online ones like The RealReal and Poshmark. I find some of the more special and unique pieces there and then build my staples from the following list of brands."

4th & Reckless

"I love this brand because it's affordable and has great work pieces like jackets and pants that fit well and have a nice drape to them."


"I like to buy Agolde's jeans big and cinch them at the waist for extra drape. They are the perfect material—not too thick and not too thin."


"Most of my staple summer pieces are from this brand. Quality and simplistic styling. The Ducky Pants are a favorite—I own them in every colour."


"The Top Flip Flops are a go-to and have been for years. I wear them with dresses, suit pants and jeans. My kids' only summer shoes were Havaianas. They make any outfit more relaxed and chic."

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