7 Easy and Chic Sneaker Outfits That Feel Right on the Money



It's time to give credit where it's due: Sneakers are probably the hardest-working staple in your closet right now, so let's finally give them the attention they deserve. Unlike boots and sandals, there's never really a period where you completely tuck them away—they're truly the definition of a perennial piece. With that in mind, I'm sure you've been practically living in a pair since last year, so let's dive into a few fresh, new ways to style them.

Like classic black sunglasses, sneakers never really fell out of favor with the fashion set. Whether paired with sweatpants, leggings, or tailored suits, they've been a consistent presence on my timeline, and a favorite of Scandi girls to French girls alike. If like me, you too have recently been on a sneaker buying binge, referring back to the wonderful world of fashion Instagram is always a good idea for a little bit of inspo.

Below, I'm running through seven sneaker outfits that really feel on the money. They feature beautiful summer dresses, basics, and wardrobe essentials I'm sure you already have, so scroll below for some stylish outfit ideas to try now.

Oversize Suit + Racerback Tank



Oversize suits are my obsession. They're just so darn cool, it's almost intimidating. Pairing one with a runner like these New Balances feels like the first step towards completing the ultimate cool-girl starter pack.

Linen Shirt + Leather Pants + Black Bag

Yes, a classic poplin button-down and black jeans could work here, but there's something about the contrasting textures of a linen shirt and leather pants that really set this look off. The addition of black high-tops looks extra Parisienne. 





A pair of sneakers and a dress is an outfit combo fashion girls always keep in their back pocket. It puts a modern twist on the conventional sweetness of a dress without looking like you've expended a ton of effort. I love the idea of accessorizing a colorful maxi dress with a tiny vintage bag and vibrant sneakers to match. 

Shorts Set + Bikini Top + Basket Bag

For the many beach days ahead, here's an outfit to take you from the boardwalk to the sand in no time. Forgo the leather and stick with cotton canvas sneakers, as they're easily washable and will feel more lightweight should you wade through piles of sand. 

Oversize Denim Jacket + Jeans + Tank Top + Shoulder Bag



When in doubt, a Canadian tuxedo always works with sneakers. To put a fashiony twist on it, go for oversize fits and high-waisted bottoms to play up the proportions. 

Floral Minidress + Crew Socks + Pastel Shoulder Bag



Swapping in a pair of "dad" sneakers in place of sandals lends a sporty vibe that really feels sartorially on point. Don't forget the crew socks—it's the finishing touch that ties everything together. 

 Menswear Inspired Blazer + Baggy Jeans + Big Black Sunglasses



If you looked up French-girl style in the encyclopedia, I have no doubt this outfit would be the first result. From the classic black blazer to the big sunglasses and loose jeans, this look leans on all of the timeless French girl hallmarks, in one chic and effortless package.