No, I Won't Take Off These Comfy Leggings and Sneakers


Outdoor Voices

Working in fashion, I sometimes feel like every week's news cycle comes with a barrage of new collaborations. But when I heard word of a matchup between cozy footwear brand Allbirds and recreational-cool Outdoor Voices, my first thought was Oh, of courseAs a self-identified connoisseur of both sneakers and leggings, I've had my eye on these game-changing brands for quite some time, and with similar ethos and cult followings, their collaboration feels totally on point.

"We love watching the way that OV is pushing boundaries in what it means to be an athletic apparel company," said Allbirds co-founders, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, in an email interview. "While we are focused on making the shoe business a sustainable one, both OV and Allbirds share the desire to do something important and positive for the world. By having a different point of view on the category, we're both able find better ways of Doing Things." 

The collaboration takes iconic pieces from both brands, bringing them together into a full kit in two colorways, a light gray, and a deep navy. While each item is available separately, they work together, allowing you to pull off a coordinated look head-to-toe, ideal when you're throwing together an easy weekend outfit but still want to look your best. For me, I've found that the ensemble is so comfortable it's quickly become what I wear all weekend, especially now that things are cooling off

"When we thought about the perfect activity for the Allbirds and Outdoor Voices Kit, jogwalking came to mind," says Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney. "It's between a walk and a jog—think a power walk with a friend where you're chatting but also moving at a brisk pace, or a morning dog walk." This idea of functional, yet relaxed plays into part of what makes each brand a standout in today's oversaturated athleisure industry; they play by their own rules and highlight the importance of both comfort and fun.  

Read on for a look at me in the collection and to shop the pieces for yourself.