This New Brand Was Made for Italian Vacations

Whether you're going on vacation or not, the new brand Ciao Lucia is one to know. Created for the girl who wishes she was on an eternal vacation, Ciao Lucia's collection contains the only pieces you would ever need to take on a relaxing getaway—but not just any getaway, one to the Italian coast, of course. Designer Lucy Akin's inspiration for an Italian-inspired brand came about because, as the site tells us, "when she was little, Italian graphic design became one of her passions—she collected vintage postcards from Italy and all the old liquor posters for Cointreau and Martini. The Talented Mr. Ripley was her favorite movie, and she worked at a Sicilian restaurant on the water of San Francisco all through high school and college."

Each piece from the swimsuits down to the going-out tops was created with a story behind it, as told by the picture-perfect locations each item was shot in. We hate to break it to you, but Ciao Lucia will definitely give you a travel itch. At least now you know what to buy before you go because let's face it: Your next adventure is imminent.

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