5 No-Brainer Celeb Winter Outfit Ideas

When it comes to seasonal dressing, finding the ideal winter look can sometimes be tougher to put together than, say, a cute spring or summer look. Sure, it may seem easy to just throw on a sweater and pair of jeans, but the ultimate goal for any fashion girl this time of year is to wear something both forward and functional (aka something that will keep you warm), right? Don't worry, though, that's not to say you need to spend hours trying to craft this ideal look. There's honestly no need—especially with all the primo celebrity inspiration out there.

Below, we rounded up five of the most chill fashion A-lister looks you can re-create. And because we know everyone experiences winter in different climates—L.A. is clearly much warmer than it is in NYC right now, for example—there's a range of different types of winter looks ahead.

Go on to check out the best winter outfits, according to celebs. Plus, shop each one, too!