The Only T-Shirt I Ever Wear Is $18 

As one could easily assume from my job as Who What Wear’s market editor, I’m a lover of all things wearable. From clothes to shoes to bags, high end to fast fashion, winter wear, spring pieces, you name it: If you can wear it, I probably love it. But of all the wardrobe items you can list, one is nearest and dearest to my heart (both physically and metaphorically), and that is the basic white T-shirt. Whether for work, on the weekend, for a night out, or at the beach, odds are that 90% of the time you see me, I’ll be wearing one. And, it’s this affinity for the wardrobe essential that has me, of all places, shopping at Brandy Melville recently—and I’m not even kidding.

Among having other amazing basics such as tanks, sweatshirts, this layering top we praised not too long ago, and Henley’s (I even wore this $13 long-sleeve one for my engagement photo shoot recently), the Chloe top, specifically, is a 100%-cotton wonder that I wear more than 20 times a month. The only caveat: It’s one-size-fits-all, which tends to mean one-size-fits-few, but fingers crossed that can change soon.

Nonetheless, if my rant has successfully convinced you, before you start shopping, I’d like to offer some tips: Buy in-store whenever you can, because the nature of these sizeless wonders is that they are all a little different. Also, if preteens aren’t your crowd, avoid going on weekends at all costs, but brace yourself regardless. Lastly, when you find one you like, stock up because, at such affordable prices, it’s worth buying a few to prevent missing out on a piece you’ve come to depend on once it’s gone.

Now, shop the tee and more of my favorite basics from Brandy Melville below.