We Collectively Own Hundreds of Tees, and These 7 Are Guaranteed Non-See-Through


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Every fashion editor I know lives for their wardrobe staples. Part of our job is trying it all and writing our detailed reviews, so when it comes to knowing our favorites, we have it down. With white T-shirts being the pinnacle of basics, of course, we’re going to have some opinions on them. While I love a semi-sheer tee, especially for layering in winter, non-see-through T-shirts are must-haves. It can be difficult to tell when shopping online which white T-shirts will truly be opaque, so I decided to ask my co-workers for their picks.

My bra collection varies from neutral shades to bright strokes of red and plum. With that being said, I know a T-shirt is really not see-through when I can throw it on over any bra and walk out the door. My fellow fashion editors feel the same, so I asked them for suggestions, and they delivered. Below, find the seven non-see-through white T-shirts my co-workers will sell you on.

1. Re/Done Boxy Cropped T-Shirt


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"These are just thick enough to be completely opaque but thin enough to make for easy tucking."


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"They're a bit of a splurge, but based on how much I wear my white Re/Done tees (I'll admit I have a few), they're worth every single penny. They're flattering, soft, and not sheer in the least."

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2. Uniqlo U Crewneck T-Shirt


"I've found most women's T-shirts to be thinner and therefore see-through, so instead, I started shopping in the men's department of Uniqlo to find the perfect standard crew-neck tee. I recommend sizing two sizes down for a fitted shape and one size down for a boxier fit."


"I've been buying and rebuying this Uniqlo U T-shirt for years and recommending it to everyone I know. It's not see-through at all and fits so nicely. The material is shockingly high quality for the price, too. If you didn't know, Uniqlo U is a line designed by Christophe Lemaire from Uniqlo's studio in Paris, so that should tell you a lot about the pieces housed in it."


"I tell everyone I know to buy these tees. Across all price points, they are one of my favorite styles. Not only are they a great affordable find, but the material is thicker than your average T-shirt, making them the ultimate non-see-through option."

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3. Hanes Perfect-T Short Sleeve Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt


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"I've been buying this Hanes tee on Amazon for years now. It's perfectly fitted, affordable, and far from see-through. Stock up now and thank me later."

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4. Leset Margo Tee


"As far as opaqueness goes, the Leset Margo tee is seriously impressive. You barely even need to wear a nude bra under it. That said, this T-shirt is quite thick, so I usually wear something else during the dog days of summer."

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5. Express Body Contour High Compression Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee


"I've never had the urge to describe a white tee as polished, but this compression tee from Express fits the bill. The fabric is on the thicker side and meant to sculpt and smooth, which it definitely does, but because of that, it's also incredibly opaque. Trust me, you're not seeing anything underneath whether you're wearing a nude or neon-colored bra."

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5. Brandy Melville Helen Ribbed Top


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"I love Brandy Melville's 100% cotton white T-shirts—not just because they're not see-through but also because they're affordable and have that perfect crew-neck shape and a length that can be either tucked in or left out depending on how you want to style them."

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6. Aritzia Tees


I'm a creature of habit, and that shines through when I admit that every single time I make a purchase at Aritzia, I just throw a white T-shirt into my cart. I've repurchased the same two tops again and again. They're that perfect.

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