These "Remarkable" Blue Sneakers Sold Out in 24 Hours

If you're not yet familiar with Allbirds sneakers, allow us to introduce you. The San Francisco–based brand keeps things simple. They make just two styles of sneakers, both wool: the Wool Runners, the original lace-up athletic style, and the Loungers, a slip-on sneaker. The brand describes them as "the world's most comfortable shoes" and "remarkable," and they're not lying. People go crazy for the incredibly lightweight, soft shoes that you don't even need to wear socks with, as they wick moisture, regulate temperature, and minimize odor.

Allbirds occasionally releases the ever-popular sneakers in new colorways, as was the case recently when they made the Wool Runners for men in a pretty light-blue hue called Kotare Sky. Female customers took notice and asked repeatedly for the shoes to be made in women's sizes. And it goes without saying that they're glad they did. Upon the release earlier this week, the blue sneakers were completely sold out in 24 hours.

We asked Allbirds co-CEO and co-founder Tim Brown for the story behind the runaway-hit sneakers, and he said, "We always keep a close ear to our customer feedback. The Kotare Sky sellout is a true testament to our connection with our customer. Being able to take their feedback, put it into action, and then see an immediate response is incredibly rewarding." That just goes to show that if you want something from your favorite brands, it can't hurt to ask!

See the light-blue sneakers below, and shop other colorways that are currently available for purchase!