Bored by Your Closet? This One Piece Can Save You


Style du Monde

Why make things complicated? Sometimes all an outfit needs is a simple printed tee. Fussy-feeling outfits suddenly loosen up a bit, cool ensembles feel just a little cooler—there's no denying a graphic tees sartorial power. But while you may have a drawer (or two) chock-full of styles emblazoned with French phrases or the faces of The Strokes, sometimes it takes a little fresh inspiration to take the humble top into uncharted outfit territory. Below, we're highlighting 13 cool ways to give a graphic tee a brand-new spin. From office-worth ensembles, to looks that feel a bit more suited to a weekend relaxing, you'll be armed with all the ideas you need to dust off those tees once again and show them off in a fashion-forward way.

Check it out below, then shop shirts just in case you're in need of a new statement tee.