Bravo's Style Authority Talks How To Look Your Best On and Off Camera

If you haven’t heard of Courtney Kerr, trust us, you will. The feisty reality star first made waves as the breakout star of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas. Now she’s back on the network with her own series, Courtney Loves Dallas, premiering December 5th at 10/9 pm central.  


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    A rising style blogger, Kerr knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, she shares 7 of her trusty outfit tips, along with advice on how to look picture-perfect in front of the camera.

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    How To: Balance an Edgy And Sweet Look

     Fashion Tip: Mix leopard and plaid with an ultra- feminine, sparkly statement necklace.


    Camera Tip: “Know your best angles. Go through some photographs of yourself and find the ones you like the best. Chances are the angles are the same.”

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    How To: Do Ladylike Dressing For Daytime

    Fashion Tip: Channel Audrey Hepburn with a moody dark floral skirt and retro sunglasses.


    Camera Tip: “If you can't tone it, tan it! A quick spray tan will immediately make you look 10 pounds lighter. “

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    How To: Handle A Bad Hair Day

     Beauty Tip: Toss your untamed mane into a messy updo and no one will be the wiser.


    Camera Tip:Wash your hair the day before a photo shoot. "Morning of" hair can be more unruly and frizzy, and the extra oil will translate as shine on camera.”

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    How To: Spice Up An All-Black Outfit

    Fashion Tip: Throw a bold print like camouflage or leopard into the mix to break up the color monotony and catch the eye.


    Camera Tip:A nude or metallic heel is your best friend. The shoe will disappear and you'll photograph like you've got legs for days (even if you don't!).”

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    How To: Wear Head-To-Toe Leather

    Fashion Tip: Pair pieces in different colors and leave the head-to-toe black leather look to bikers and S&M enthusiasts. Also, shiny statement jewelry offsets the matte finish of the leather.


    Camera Tip: “Yes, black might be known for making us look thinner, but a bright, bold color will capture the flash and pop on camera.”

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    How To: Pick The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Fashion Tip: The general rule-of-thumb is to play against your facial contours. So if you have round features, choose angular frames and vice versa.


    Camera Tip: “Use a foundation with an illuminator in it—your skin will glow! And remember to exfoliate beforehand, too.”

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    How To: Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Cocktail Attire

    Fashion Tip:  The biggest revelation in eveningwear this season?  White is the new black.  Test drive the trend for yourself with a tuxedo dress and funky flats.


    Camera Tip: “Don't forget to smile! Happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

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