21 Non-Boring Leggings I 100% Don't Need But 100% Still Want


Gotham / Contributor / Getty Images

Alongside black ankle boots, white T-shirts, jeans, tiny purses, necklaces, and more, leggings are part of a rather lengthy list of things I can confidently say I absolutely do not need any more of in my life. In fact, I likely have too many pairs for someone who barely works out once a week, but, much like the rest of the items that make up the aforementioned list, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop buying them anytime soon.

After all, nothing inspires a weekend workout like the promise of an actually cute athletic outfit, amirite?! And, as I like to tell myself, leggings serve many purposes. You can lounge in them, travel in them, brunch in them, and then, of course, there's the whole exercise thing. Which unnecessary-but-necessary leggings to I have my eyes on right now? Just keep scrolling to see and shop all the unique pairs.