6 Photogenic Trends Everyone Will Be Instagramming This Spring

Tie-Dye Trend Street Style


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At this point, can something even really be considered a real trend if it’s not on Instagram? Methinks not. With that said, the level of a fashion item’s presence on the social media platform can range from here-and-there to #highlydocumented and everything in between, and such measurement is telling of just how trendy it really is. After all, not all fads are created equal—and that’s probably for the best.

As for the subjects of today’s post, however, I have a feeling they’ll be reaching star status very soon thanks to their photogenic natures. They’re not just begging to be worn but deserve to be posted, too, meaning they’ll be all over our feeds in due time. So what spring trends to I think will be blowing up on Instagram this season? Just keep scrolling to find out and, of course, shop them along the way.  

1. Tie-Dye

You probably could have guessed this one from the above image of Veronika Heilbrunner, but seriously—does it get more aesthetically pleasing than tie-dye? Whether it’s comprised of many colors or even just two, the spring trend sure does make for a good photo op.

2. Shells and Pearls

Why just wear shells or pearls when you can wear shells and pearls? Naturally, the union of the two mega-trends is a match made in sartorial heaven, and fashion girls are definitely taking note.

3. Layered Leather

As one of the more unexpected trends for spring—after all, it is typically thought of as a cold-weather texture—fashion girls are loving the chance style leather in ways they previously wouldn’t. From dresses to skirts to tops, it’s definitely one of the must-have materials of the season.

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4. Strappy Sandals

Now that it’s finally the appropriate climate for super strappy-sandals or, as I like to call them, floss heels, expect them to be all over the streets as well as your feed.

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5. Beige-on-Beige

Simply put: beige is big this season. Not only is it, as the topic of this story implies, pleasing on the eyes, but it’s also one of the most sensible trends to invest in if you’re looking for a smart buy. While the color is especially everywhere right now, it’s actually a classic pretty much always in style, so the items you pick up today won’t be out of your wardrobe rotation any time soon.

6. Utility Belt Bags

Aside from being ideal for the ladies of NYC, the utility belt bag is pretty great for everyone. Yes, it’s cool to look at, but also convenient for holding your items in a hands-free and on-trend way.

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