6 Jewelry Trends You Can Wear Every Day

As someone who wears more than 15 pieces of jewelry at a time—every day—it’s important for me to choose items that are as fuss-free as possible. You see, if I’m to maintain this ever-growing accessory situation of mine as I rotate through trends, it’s important for the items I choose to strike a perfect balance between subtle and statement-making, so I don’t get sick of them before I can find their replacements. It’s a simple system that has proven pretty effective over time (as seen by my current neck situation). 

So which spring jewelry trends make the cut for this lover of layering? Quite a few, in fact. From simple items such as gold chains and hoops to the more fun fads like colorful enamel and shells, just keep scrolling to see and shop the six everyday jewelry trends you’ll never way to take off—and likely won’t have to.

Gold Chains

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This chunky chain can definitely hold it's own, but would also look cool styled with other necklaces.



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Somehow, I'm not sick of pearl earrings yet.

Need to re-create this jean, anklet, and flat combo ASAP.


This has an heirloom vibe that feels timeless.

You can always count on Mango for affordable versions of nearly any trend.


Love options? Jennifer Fisher has every iteration of the hoop earring you could possibly want.

A slightly chunky hoop will help you stand out.


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