7 Items Our Editors Would Never Buy From Zara and 7 They Definitely Would

Hold up—there are actually items Who What Wear UK editors won’t buy from Zara? I know—we can barely believe it ourselves, but it’s true. Just like everyone else, we have pieces we find ourselves gravitating towards and others we tend to avoid. And today, we’re here to share exactly what we prefer not to buy from the Spanish retailer. Admittedly, while the "don’t-buy” lists are significantly shorter than the "must-buy” lists, the reasoning behind each editor’s answer is worth hearing out, especially if you're on the fence about purchasing one of the items for yourself.

Now, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t be shopping for these at Zara. (Heck, some of the items our editors would rather not buy might be your favourite Zara section, and that’s okay—we all have our preferences and opinions.) Truly, in this situation, there’s no right or wrong answer, because at the end of the day, you know we're bigs fans of the brand, so who are we to judge? We just thought it would be interesting to find out what these knowledgeable editors steer clear of when it comes to shopping affordably at Zara.

That said, we're not in the way of being unnecessarily negative, particularly when you might like shopping the items we prefer to swerve, so we thought we'd balance this out by charting the items our editors love to buy from Zara. This, naturally, was significantly harder to whittle down. Read on to find out which items our Who What Wear UK editors would never buy from Zara, then continue on to discover the items currently on their wish lists. 

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief


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Would Probably Not Buy From Zara: Trousers

Loves to Buy From Zara: Dresses

"I don't often buy trousers from Zara, as they never seem to fit me! I'm a size 12, and unless they’re stretchy or feature an elastic waistband, it's simply a no-go. Although I love the styles on offer, even the size L doesn't seem to work for me, so rather than make myself feel fed up, I've just stopped even trying them on. Why put yourself through that only to be disappointed? That's my logic. Instead, I always opt for dresses, especially those that are fitted at the waist but fuller on the bottom. That kind of silhouette seems to fit my hourglass figure far better when it comes to this store. Whenever I wear a Zara dress, I always notice I receive more compliments. And I don't think that's any sort of coincidence." 

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Poppy Nash, Managing Editor


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Would Probably Not Buy From Zara: Shorts and Skirts

Loves to Buy From Zara: Blouses and Blazers

"I am a pretty big Zara fan but if there's one thing (or two!) I avoid when shopping there it is shorts and skirts. I often find that the sizing is really off with these pieces, and they never fit me very well on the hips or tummy. I'm not one to shy away from a short hemline, so don't mind the lengths, but in general I always swerve the brand's shorts and skirts . There's nothing worse than an ill-fitting, uncomfortable piece of clothing that knocks your confidence. I tend to buy blouses and blazers from Zara, the latter of which are always considered some of the best on the high street!"

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Remy Farrell, Fashion Editor 


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Would Probably Not Buy From Zara: Trousers

Loves to Buy From Zara: Jeans (Yes, Really!)

"Despite what others say about Zara denim, I'm very into it. I'm an "in-between" size and find that the brand's jeans fit me better than most on the high-street retailers (by which I mean avoiding the dreaded gap at the back). I do have a few caveats to ensure that they fit my frame though: They need to be straight-legged and high-waisted to fit properly, but Zara often hits the mark. Conversely, I find it hard shopping in Zara's general trouser department, as even though I'm 5ft6, all the styles come up incredibly long. I know I could get them tailored, but I feel strapped for time as it is. I think I'll stick to Zara's ankle-grazing jeans, thank you!"

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Remi Afolabi, Video Content Producer


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Would Probably Never Buy From Zara: Tailored Trousers

Loves to Buy From Zara: Blazers and Boots

"To be honest, there is not much I wouldn't buy from Zara—it has grown to be one my favourite high-street shopping spots. However, I used to be a fan of Zara's tailored trouser styles (especially the wide leg), but after some weight gain, I've found they just don't fit right, so I'm avoiding those for the foreseeable future! When it comes to blazers, Zara definitely knows a thing or two. It offers such a great variation of colour, fits and lengths, which I appreciate. Its boots are my weakness, too; I don't think I could ever stop buying them from Zara—I've accumulated quite a collection so far."

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Maxine Eggenberger, Deputy Editor


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Would Never Buy From Zara: Swimwear

Loves to Buy From Zara: Shoes and Bags

"In all honesty, there are very few items I won't buy from Zara—the only thing I can think of is swimwear, which I seldom buy from any high-street store. With my larger bust, Zara's swimwear is a complete no-go, as I find it grossly lacks in support. Zara shoes and bags, however, are another story. I don't know who the buyers of each department are, but my bank balance owes them a debt. I have a couple of designer bags in my collection, and honestly, I feel like some of Zara's more premium bags are of the same quality and aesthetic. As for the shoes, Zara helped me fall in love with pretty pairs and has brightened up my footwear line-up tenfold."

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Florrie Alexander, Acting Affiliates Editor

What not to buy from Zara: @florriealexander

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Would Never Buy From Zara: Skirts

Loves to Buy From Zara: Suits and Tops

"Whilst on my daily scroll of Zara, I often come across beautiful skirts that I'd happily recommend for other people, but personally, I'm more of a trouser person. Any skirt that does make its way into my wardrobe has to tick all the boxes and at 5"2', the midi length styles tend to hit me at an awkward place. Instead, I always keep an eye out for the brilliant tailoring options, as Zara often offers matching sets which feel particularly considered, and can be separated for various options. Plus, some styles will feature a fun twist like a wrap waistband or bold pleating that is particularly eye-catching. Basics are also something Zara does very well, from classic bodysuits to simple tops and T-shirts that are the backbone of my capsule wardrobe."

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Harriet Davey, Fashion Contributor 


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Would Never Buy From Zara: Coats

Loves to Buy From Zara: Co-Ords

"I love a Zara buy as much as the next person, but I usually go there with a few specific items in mind. I tend to stick to brands such as COS, Arket and H&M for basics, so when I head to Zara, I'm often on the lookout for more statement pieces. The issue with this, though, is that everyone ends up wearing the same. And this is why I would never buy a coat from Zara. It's an item you wear on heavy rotation living in the UK, so chances are you'll bump into someone wearing the same one. Instead, I'm a big fan of Zara's co-ords (including suits). Sure, I can still end up wearing the same set as someone else, but I won't be wearing a co-ord as often as outerwear, so I can put up with this."

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