Trust Me—These 31 Haircuts Are Seriously Low-Maintenance

I cannot tell you the last time that my hair was at the forefront of my mind. Previously, "How should I wear my hair?" was the biggest question of my beauty routine, and now I feel like it’s fallen right to the bottom of my getting-dressed list.

The thing is, while I want my hair to look like I've invested ample time in styling it, I don't always have the minutes to spare. But my hair says so much about my current mood and the way that I want to present myself that I don't want my two-minute style to scream "I really don't care about my hair"—even if I did basically show my strands no love that morning.

Luckily, via my ever-patient hairdresser, I sussed out a cut that is so low-maintenance that even when the biggest effort I make is running a brush through it, it still looks good. What a win, right? So if you’re like me and looking for an easy-to-look-after hairstyle with no fuss required, then keep scrolling for the best low-maintenance looks to opt for according to your length and texture.

1. Long Low-Maintenance Hairstyles


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Ask for long layers that hit the collarbone to give a little definition around your face.


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Plait your hair at night for a light wave when you unravel.


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Keep layers long and add texture with heated wavers and salt sprays.


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Keeping hair long doesn’t mean you can completely avoid cuts; regular trims are necessary to stop split ends travelling up your strands.


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Blunt cuts are a failsafe, classic look. 


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For long, healthy hair, it’s key to brush from end to root to avoid snagging when detangling. 


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Shoulder-length layers will give your hair a fullness that fine hair can sometimes lack.


(Image credit: @juliesfi)

Curtain bangs and loose waves? Such low-maintenance luxe.


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

This length will always be an easy-to-maintain classic look.

2. Short Low-Maintenance Hairstyles


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

A pixie cut with length at the front gives versatility when it grows out.


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt)

What’s not to love about short, choppy layers? 


(Image credit: @karolinebeltner)

Curtain fringes are still the best bang option for a fuss-free routine.


(Image credit: @bellathomas)

The bluntness of the cut is an instant style. Bonus that it's so quick to wash and dry.


(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

A '90s tuck at the ends gives this modern bob a hint of retro style.


(Image credit: @jen_wonders)

Don’t want to commit to a fringe? Keep the layers at the front short for options on where you part your hair.


(Image credit: @inthing_)

This cut suits thicker hair, as you have more natural volume to work with.

3. Mid-Length Low-Maintenance Hairstyles


(Image credit: @annasarlvit)

A one-length cut is a great, classic option for straight textures.


(Image credit: @annejohannsen)

Thick, straight hair? Add a body wave to a blunt cut to give a little bounce.


(Image credit: @carodaur)

A cut like this is pared back but still looks pulled together.


(Image credit: @erica_davies)

Natural texture always looks good.


(Image credit: @livpurvis)

A curling wand is the only tool you need to look after this easy-to-manage style.


(Image credit: @fridabecker)

When waving your hair, for a less uniformed look, curl pieces toward and away from your face randomly.

4. Curly and Textured Low-Maintenance Hairstyles


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Cut your curls a little shorter in the front for a no-fuss curly fringe.


(Image credit: @claire_most)

Jumbo twists (or braids) might take ages to install but are the easiest protective style to maintain for textured hair.


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

A TWA is always a great hassle-free style option.


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

Braid-outs are a surefire way to add a little definition to your texture.


(Image credit: @fridacashflow)

Faux locs are a perfect easy switch-up from your usual protective styles.


(Image credit: @troprouge)

Proof that short layers don’t have to venture into mullet territory if that’s not your thing.


(Image credit: @hedvigso)

Long layers and natural waves = an effortless ready-made style.


(Image credit: @kat.shearer)

Halo layers will keep a curly cut looking really bouncy.


(Image credit: @nicoleocran)

Keep layers long and product lightweight for these juicy curls.

Our favourite styling products for low-maintenance hair:

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.