Welcome to Your Autumn Denim Download: 5 Trends That Are Defining the Season


(Image credit: Versace; Skall Studio; Gucci)

Autumn is coming in hot, and so are the new season denim trends that will have a hold on the season. While jeans are a mainstay in our wardrobes, they're certainly not immune to the ebb and flow of trend cycles. I don't buy new jeans every single season—my shopping cadence tends to be lean more yearly—but I always like to keep up-to-date on what the key silhouettes of the season are so I can either pull something out of my closet that aligns with them or perhaps pick up a new style if I'm so inspired.

This season, there are five new trends that we think you should be aware of. We saw these coming down the runway in the fall '23 collections, and seeing them on Instagram and in the new arrivals sections has only solidified their importance. The big themes to know? Jeans are getting longer and baggier, waistlines are dipping lower, and the proclivity toward the early aughts is only growing stronger. With that, read on to discover the details of each silhouette, where it appeared in the fall collections, and see our favourite shopping picks.


(Image credit: Bottega Veneta; Gucci; Y/Project)

Loose, languid jeans have defined our denim all year and the autumn/winter collections are only confirming what we thought we knew: upsized styles aren't going anywhere. Instead of their early aughts roots, though, the way designers are styling the roomy jeans is decidedly elevated. Pair them with chic tailoring like a trench or maxi coat and add luxe finishes via a leather belt or woven mules.


(Image credit: Versace; Victoria Beckham; J.W. Anderson)

These are classic jeans with a sophisticated twist. Across the autumn runways including at Versace and Victoria Beckham we spotted dark-wash denim with sleekly tailored shapes. While jeans are synonymous with casual attire, the wash, fit, and styling of these is here to prove otherwise.


(Image credit: Coach; Ganni; A.W.A.K.E Mode)

Yep, denim skirts are here to stay. Congratulations if you invested early on in this trend because this autumn, floor-sweeping maxi skirts are the set to the be the It denim piece that threatens to replace your go-to jeans. The skirts bring a '00s nostalgia that's refreshingly wearable and based on the diverse styling ideas from the runway, they're surprisingly versatile to any personal style aesthetic, be it playful, minimal, edgy or anything in between.


(Image credit: MM6 Maison Margiela; Coperni; Vaillant)

I know, I know, we're not out of the early aughts woods just yet. Low rise jeans are yet again on the menu for autumn/winter '23 and whether that's good or bad news to you, one thing is clear: this autumn, low-rise jeans are decidedly easier to wear with roomier and relaxed fits that offset their midriff-baring waistlines.


(Image credit: Tibi; Skall Studio; Alaïa)

While double denim hasn't been "out" it also hasn't been at the top of our priority list for the last several years, but now we're seeing the pendulum swing in the opposite direction with coordinated denim ensembles start to bubble up again. Pro tip: they look especially cool with a chambray shirt in a wash that matches the jeans.

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