5 Colours That Will Make Your Simple Blue Jeans Look Very 2024


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After every fashion week, we analyse the runway looks in-depth, and one of my personal favourite undertakings is writing about the colour trends that were ubiquitous among the thousands of looks that graced the four cities. We've already covered the trends will be dominating this winter, and after analysing the recent runways, many of these hues will continue to come into play for the remainder of the year. There's no doubt that one of the easiest ways to integrate this year's colour trends into your look is by styling them with a pair of jeans. This is particularly ideal for those who are colour averse and want to dip their toes into the chroma waters in a subtle way.

Today, I want to share five specific colour trends that go particularly well with blue denim that we're spotting all over the fashion crowd this season. These will unquestionably make your basic jeans look very "2023/2024" and give them a trend-forward touch. Take a peek below and shop plenty of picks to add colour to your wardrobe this year.

1. Vibrant Red


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Style Notes: One of the most dominant trends we saw on 2023's spring/summer and autumn/winter runways is a vibrant chili-pepper red. The fashion crowd is sporting the colour in full force right now, styling the shade in the form of tops, dresses, handbags, hair accessories, and eyewear. The shade really pops against blue denim and is, by far, one of the most strikingly cool colour combos of the season. 

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2. Silver


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Style Notes: Metallics are having a major moment this autumn, and we're seeing silver, in particular, all over the street style set—especially when it comes to shoes and bags. The shiny, glistening hue is an easy way to elevate your denim and make your jeans look sleek, polished and evening-ready. 

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3. Blue Denim


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Style Notes: Yep, you read that right. It's all about blue denim-on-denim looks this season, an outfit formula that feels fresh and cool. Opt for a shirt or jacket in a matching shade to your jeans, which will give your outfit a more streamlined silhouette. But quite honestly, if you don't want to match your blues, that's fine too. You can break the style rules and have fun when it comes to a Canadian tuxedo in 2023.

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4. Pale Pink


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Style Notes: Sure, some of the stronger fuchsia pinks continue their popularity this year, but it's soft ballet pink that embodies the "pretty" theme we're seeing dominate the catwalk. Whether you go for a pale-pink accessory, a sweet statement coat, or a silky-satin pastel top—my personal favourite—there's no doubt the colour will complement your blue denim beautifully.

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5. Black


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Style Notes: Okay, okay, I know that black is always in style, but it's absolutely worth noting that the versatile colour had a major presence on the spring/summer runways (there were over 4000 all-black looks in total), proving that 2023 is all about making a bold statement through this understated, powerful, and perennially chic hue. Moreover, it's quite literally one of the easiest colours to pair with your jeans, day or night.

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