5 Items Fashion Editors Will Be Buying From Zara This Month

There are certain Zara trends and pieces that really resonate with a fashion crowd, and this season, there are certain items that we've noticed editors and influencers are buying into. Many of these are reflective of the trends we are seeing pop up for autumn/winter 2019, including pleated skirts and chunky cable knits.

There are other pieces, however, that Zara is really taking to a whole other level of popularity. You can't talk about Zara this year without mentioning that viral polka-dot dress. We can't remember the last time we saw one item so frequently on our commutes. But that's not the only dress that's getting our attention. Right now, we're all about finding the perfect party dress or an equally glamorous top to wear to all our upcoming events. 

Keep scroll for the five items we're shopping from Zara this month. 

1. Pleated Skirts

2. Going-Out Tops

3. Party Dresses 

4. Cable Knits

5. Everyday Coats

Next up, the nine new-in pieces you need this week.

Opening Image: @eniswardrobe

Emma Spedding