If You Love Neutrals, You're Going to Want to See These 32 Winter Pieces


(Image credit: @fakerstrom)

You know those pieces in your closet that you can always rely on? The ones that you wear over and over again that act as the building blocks to countless outfits? For me, those pieces are almost exclusively neutrals—items in various shades of grey, cream, camel, and brown that can be mixed and matched with virtually anything. This rings especially true for winter items when you're layering different fabrics and textures and want to ensure your look feels cohesive. They also always look luxe (regardless of the price tag) so I just feel more polished. 

All that to say that I'm a true believer in investing in neutral shades of everything—from bags to sweaters to boots to coats. Pieces in this colour palette are equal parts versatile and chic, giving you a solid foundation to build all of your winter outfits around. Designers obviously agree because this season they're offering particularly stunning neutral options, so I've compiled a list of the pieces I feel are the cream of the crop (pun intended). Below I'm highlighting the 32 best neutral winter fashion items to elevate all of our wardrobes this season.


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This story originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S. 

Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor