3 Ways to Style Your New Jeans for Fall

3 Ways to Style Your New Jeans for Fall

Here at WWW HQ, we’ve debated at length how to keep jeans looking fresh every season—especially go-to classics like Levi’s styles. We’re especially coveting the brand’s 711 skinnies—they just may be the staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe this fall. So how do you style them? While you could pair your Levi’s with a tee, there are a few current outfit formulas that can make your jeans feel even more au courant.

Amsterdam-based fashion blogger Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook couldn’t agree more. She practically lives in her Levi’s (the 711s and 505Cs, to be exact), and she keeps them looking fresh by pairing them with statement pieces like red accessories and a layered slip top. Need inspiration for putting together fresh fall looks of your own? Today she’s showing us different ways she styles her denim.

Keep reading for tips from Torres, and for inspiration on how you can update your own denim look.

On Torres: Levi's 711 Skinny Jeans ($98)

For Torres, a normal morning includes a workout, cycling back home, jumping in the shower, and styling her ideal look to take her through her day. Take cues from the blogger and do the same. Keep your jeans as the staple piece, and work around them. Going to work? Pair your jeans with a railroad-striped blazer and a T-shirt. It’s the perfect outfit equation for starting your day off right.

Torres layered a turtleneck under a slip top and added statement heels with her jeans for a stylish date-night look. “I try to dress up a little more for date night, so I throw on a layered slip on top and a leather jacket,” she says. “I love the distressed details of my 711 jeans, so the contrast with the layered slip makes the look feel a bit more like a statement, which is exactly what I’m going for.”

On Torres: Levi's 505C Jeans ($98)

For those off-duty days or weekends spent hanging out with friends, your jeans are your best friend. “I truly have lost count of how many Levi’s jeans I own, but I feel like every pair is special and unique in its own way. On the weekends, I like to go for a slightly more relaxed look like the slim-fit 505Cs,” Torres says. “That’s why I love making them a part of my looks so often.” For a casual look, try pairing bold accessories like a red scarf or bag, plus a printed top. It’s a surefire way to make your jeans feel fresh.

Are you team skinny jeans? How will you style them for fall? Tell us in the comments below!

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