The #1 Item to Pack on a Ski Trip

As someone who grew up skiing every holiday, I’m familiar with the importance of not only warm ski essentials but the stress of post-ski skincare. Keeping your body (for me, the key areas are always neck, toes, and fingers) warm is only part of the process when it comes to bundling up for a day in the mountains. The other (highly) important part of pre- and post-winter activities is taking care of your skin, particularly your face. The wind, freezing-cold snow, and dry climate are all a recipe for extremely chapped and rough skin. So when the team at Roxy introduced me to their Biotherm sportswear and asked me to test technology alongside Roxy athlete and Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright in Whistler, I was 100% down.

What’s Biotherm sportswear, you ask? Roxy worked with the French beauty company Biotherm on a first-of-its-kind soothing and nourishing formula of vitamin E, shea butter, apricot oil, and anti-irritation Marine-Criste extract, which is microencapsulated, allowing the active ingredients to be inserted into the fabric. Translation: Your skin is protected the entire time you’re on the slopes, leaving your face moisturized and smooth rather than chapped, red, and dry. I wore the below neck and face warmer while skiing in Whistler, and all I can say is I wish this technology had been created and available several years ago. My skin felt so soft at the end of the day, and the product had a subtle scent that lent such a refreshing detail.

Keep reading to see the wearable skincare and shop the pieces for your next winter trip.

As I was chatting/skiing/enjoying the fresh powder on the slopes with pro-snowboarder Bright, she explained, "Roxy has always been at the forefront of women's winter apparel. Designed for women, by women who ride. I have been fortunate enough, along with all the Roxy athletes, to work with the designers to bring about functional and fashionable wearable pieces for the mountains. It's a dream, and the most exciting part of the winter season is getting on the slopes to test out the new gear."

The quality and thoughtfulness of winter gear will make or break your day on the mountain, and I can confidently say I'll be packing my Biotherm items on every ski or extreme cold-weather trip from here on out. Keep reading to shop the items I'm wearing in the photo pictured above so your outdoor-sports wardrobe is set for the next time you hit the slopes.

This press trip was paid for by Roxy. Editors' opinions are their own.

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